Infographic – Tool Trailer Security – How To Secure Your Tool Trailer

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Infographic - tool trailer security

Having just one power tool stolen can be a major headache. It can also be a serious enough financial loss when you think about work being disrupted and having to buy a replacement tool.

The thought of having a trailer full of tools stolen is a whole other level of catastrophe. Loaded tool trailers can easily have a value of $30,000 and more; this makes tool thieves pretty determined when it comes to getting into or making off with your trailer.

The biggest threat to your tools is a thief with plenty of privacy, time and access to your trailer. You can never really “theft proof” anything. Given enough alone-time, locks and alarms will only slow thieves down and they will dismantle your trailer, bolt by bolt, until they get at the goods.

Tool Trailer Theft – Steps To Deter A Thief

Mind Where You Park

The first step in securing your tool trailer is thinking about where you’re going to park it. The ideal place to park is within a locked shed or garage that has its own security installed. This creates an added layer of security between the thief and your tools. But more importantly, the trailer is out of sight and out of mind.

If you can’t park in a garage then you have to think about the type of environment that would deter a thief. The ideal location would have CCTV, be well-lit, busy, as close to your home as possible, and tricky to drive out of.

Let Them See You’re Not An Easy Target

It’s a very good idea to install an alarm system in your trailer. The best result you can hope for from an alarm system is that it stops a thief even attempting to break in. The best way to achieve this is to show off your alarm system with a flashing LED light on the outside.

Another good deterrent is lack of access. Try to box your trailer in when you park it up for the night so that access to the doors is restricted.

A Unique looking trailer will also make a thief think twice before driving off with it. A trailer that’s distinctive from a distance is a nightmare for a thief because they can’t blend in to the background. Get your trailer a unique paint job so both you and law enforcement can spot it a mile away.

Secure Your Trailer

Lock The Trailer Wheel

Lock the wheel of your trailer to the axle so it cannot turn. The sight of a heavy-duty wheel lock is a further deterrent for a thief and might be enough to send them looking for an easier target.

Secure The Trailer To Your Truck

Make your tool trailer even less mobile by hitching it up to your truck and securing it with a hitch lock.

Secure The Trailer Doors

Locking the doors of your tool trailer is a basic step that should be made. But don’t just use any old padlock, choose a high security lock that is cut, drill and pick resistant. A great option is a ProSeries padlock from

Here is a ProSeries lock on with outstanding reviews, if you want to check one out: Master Lock 6121KALJ-11G043

Install An Alarm System

The biggest deterrent for a tool thief is a professional alarm system. You should have an alarm on your truck and your trailer. The best alarm systems have motion sensors that lock the brakes, flash the lights, make the alarm blare and send you an alert via text message.

These systems aren’t cheap, but when you’re protecting such a large investment, they are well worth the cost.

What You Need To Have In place If Your Trailer Is Stolen

Have Photos Ready

Take photos of your trailer from all sides and have them at hand to give to law enforcement.

Have Important Documents Ready

Keep your trailer registration card in a safe place and close to hand (but not in the trailer itself). The trailer registration card will contain the VIN number (vehicle identification number) and you’ll need to give this to police in the case of a stolen trailer.

Have A LoJack System Installed

If the worst comes to the worst and thieves get away with your trailer, your best chance of recovering it quickly is a LoJack Stolen Vehicle Recovery System. The system is integrated directly with law enforcement. When informed, the police can activate the system’s radio signal and quickly get on the trail of the thieves.

Have Insurance

Insure your trailer and tools, and make sure you have a clear understanding of the policy. Going through the small print with a fine-tooth comb is recommended as insurance policies are rarely straight forward.

To get the insurance company to pay up, you’ll likely need an up-to-date inventory of your tools with photos, serial numbers and tool values.

Don’t forget to clean up your tools before you photograph them. If your tools are rusted and in bits, an insurance company might try to lessen the payout.

Make Your Tools Traceable

Engrave your tools with your driver’s license or phone number and hold on to serial numbers and receipts: If your tools do get stolen and you’re lucky enough to track them down, you’ll want to be able to easily identify them, and prove that they are yours.

Final Thoughts

You certainly don’t have to follow each and every step within this guide to secure your tool trailer. Although, if you did, your trailer would be like mission impossible to a thief. In the end, the security measures you take will depend on your budget and the value of your trailer and contents.

Even with minimum security in place, good common sense will usually be enough to keep your trailer safe. Parking in the type of environment that thieves hate – well-lit, blocked in, CCTV, busy – is usually enough to send them heading in the opposite direction.

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