Best Wood Router Reviews

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If you’re into woodworking or even just want to try it for the very first time, you’ll find that investing in the best wood router will make it a lot easier to get superb results. Today, we’re going to look at wood router reviews which highlight the main features of some amazing woodworking tools.

Best Wood Router Comparison Table

PictureNamePriceOur Rating Out Of 5Horsepower DepthWarranty
Bosch MRC23EVSK$$$$$4.62.3 HP1-5/8 IncheOne year warranty with a 30 day money back guarantee
DEWALT DWP611PK$$$4.81.25 HP1/64-inch (fixed base only)Three year limited warranty
Makita RT0701CX7$$$4.71.25 HP
1-3/8 inchThirty day money back guarantee or replacement, plus one year warranty

As you may already know, routers are tools which are utilized to hollow out areas within the surfaces of pieces that are being worked on. Typically, these pieces are crafted from wood. Some routers also rout out areas in plastic work pieces. The key application for wood routers is cabinet-building. Routers help amateur or pro carpenters to create cabinets which look their best and offer the most functional benefits.

You’ll mostly use your router for plunging and it may also be inverted with a router table. When you add a router to a router table, you will have more control, as well as better visibility and safety during router operation. It’s possible to buy router tables or make them yourself.

Router tables do tend to open up more capabilities in terms of what wood routers can do, so do consider purchasing or making one. A router table will assist you with getting the most from your new wood router after you buy it. However, router tables are definitely optional. You may use a router the handheld way, without needing any extra accessories.

Now that we’ve shared some basic facts about wood routers, let’s move forward by checking out three wood routers that we love! All of them are smart buys which offer the ideal blend of functionality, durability and user-friendliness. All come from trusted brands with excellent reputations.

After we share these wood router reviews, we’re going to wrap things up by letting you know what you should think about before you buy one of these power tools. Our tips will help you to select the best router from the models that we’re recommending here today.

Wood Router Reviews Of Our Top Picks

Bosch MRC23EVSK 2.3 HP Combination Plunge & Fixed-Base Variable Speed Router Pack

This router pack from Bosch is a really nice option! It gets great reviews from real-life woodworkers, because it’s got everythingBest Wood Router By Bosch that they need and it’s also really easy to use. If you want power, control and options, this may be the router system that you’ve been looking for. When you choose this system, you’ll be getting advanced performance. It comes with a plunge and fixed base, so you’ll also have plenty of options in terms of what you do with the kit.

The system features a first-rate router (MR23EVS). The router system is modular and electronic and it’s designed to give you ultimate control. Just use the trigger in order to control the pace and flow of your work. You’ll find that this system includes a power switch in the fixed base and the plunge base.

If you want precision cuts, you’ll love this system. It’s been created with features that ensure perfect cuts over and over again.

With this kit, each of the two bases utilize bit-depth systems which are micro-fine. As well, this router has plenty of raw power, thanks to its fifteen-amp motor. We also love the fact that this system features speed settings which are adjustable, in addition to circuitry with Constant Reponse technology and a feature for “soft-start”.

As well, the router has a system which centers precisely, in addition to openings in the two bases which give the wood worker the power to use the tool in a way that is super-precise (especially when working with templates and dovetails).

When you order this top-rated system, which comes from an established German company with an impeccable reputation, you’ll access one motor, one base which is fixed, one base of the plunge style, a self-releasing collet which measures a quarter-inch, another collet with a self-release feature which measures one and a half inches, a couple of bit wrenches, one hex wrench, a carry case and screws (M4) for mounting to a table. The system is comprehensive, so all that you’ll need to get started with routing is wood.

DEWALT DWP611PK 1.25 HP Max Torque Variable Speed Compact Router Combo Kit with LED’s

DeWalt is an American tool manufacturer that wood workers trust. The company is renowned for the fine quality ofdewalt wood router its power tools, which are notably rugged and dependable. When you choose this wood router from DeWalt, you’ll access 1.25 horsepower via the tool’s powerful motor. It delivers plenty of power, so it’s tough enough to handle even the hardest applications. As well, this model comes with speed control which is variable. This feature means that bit speed may be optimized for different tasks.

The DeWalt DWP611PK has a “no load” speed range of sixteen thousand to twenty-seven revolutions per minute. It includes a motor with soft start capability. The motor will deliver electronic feedback while it’s being used and this full-time feedback assists with maintaining motor speed during cutting.

As well, this model comes with two LEDs and a sub-base which is transparent. These features contribute to great visibility! This wood router also features an adjustment ring which permits bit depth changes which are controlled and which are within one-sixty-fourth of an inch (this feature is only available with the fixed base).

When you choose this popular model, it will allow for depth travel of up to one and a half inches, with its standard base. With the plunge base, it will allow up to two inches of depth travel. With the fixed base, you’ll be able to use the adjustment ring to control your bit depth changes, to within one-sixty-fourth of an inch.

While most people who buy this model do like it a lot, there were some complaints about some of the unit’s components. For example, the clear plastic base may be a little bit fragile. Overall, this wood router from DeWalt does offer impressive quality. We ranked it number two because a few customers did report hairline cracks in the plastic bases of their routers. These complaints were fairly rare.

Makita RT0701CX7 1-1/4 HP Compact Router Kit

This wood router kit from Japanese manufacturer, Makita (a brand which has been around since 1915!) is compactMakita wood router and so practical! It’ll allow you to access precision, versatility and performance, without the usual bulk.

If you’re interested in a smaller router system which doesn’t skimp on performance, you may find that the RT0701CX7 is well worth the money. It features one and a quarter horsepower, as well as an optional plunge base. It’s designed to handle a host of exacting routing tasks.

The motor in this model is powerful. It is equipped with speed control that is variable (from ten thousand to thirty thousand revolutions per minute) which allow the user to tailor speed to the task at hand. As well, this system is loaded with other features that enhance performance, such as speed control which is electronic (it helps to keep speed consistent under load), and a “soft-start” feature which makes starting up the router smooth and simple. This model features two layers of aluminum motor insulation, which contributes to long product life,

Although this design is compact, some users find it a bit heavy. However, most owners find that it’s an ideal choice for trimming work, so it does get great feedback from most people who buy it.

An Introduction To Wood Routers

How To Choose The Best Wood Router

With routers, a larger tool isn’t always the right choice. For example, if you think that you’ll be using this type of tool in a handheld way, rather than inverted within a routing table, you may prefer a compact style. A compact style is appropriate for certain tasks, such as typical joint-making and profiling. If you want to raise the panels of cabinet doors, you’ll be better off with a bigger router.

Smaller routers are good for adding detail to wood. They are easier to use because they weigh less.

As you can see, the types of jobs that you anticipate doing will play a role in which type of router you should buy. So, think about your needs and then choose something which has the right size and scale for the job.

You may have noticed that we’re fans of wood router combo kits. We love them because they are modern solutions. Two decades ago, routers had dedicated bases. A wood worker would need to choose between a plunge base or fixed base. With combo kits, both options are available and this means that combo kits are very versatile.

We want you to have options, so we do recommend a combo kit. When you buy one of the wonderful combo kits that we’ve recommended today, you’ll get more for your money, because you’ll be able to do more with your new router.


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