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This best toolbox guide is designed to help you choose a great toolbox to perfectly store all your tools and serve you long into the future.

Whether you’re a professional technician, carpenter, builder or a part-time do-it-yourselfer, it is important that you have a great toolbox to keep all your tools organised and ready for action. Not only will a proper toolbox save you time when working, it will also save you money in the long run by keeping all your tools in one place and in top condition.

Best Toolbox (Comparison Table)

PictureNamePriceOur Rating Out Of 5
DEWALT DWST17806 TSTAK VI Deep Box$$$4.7
The Original Pink Box PB20MTB$$4.7
Makita 197212-5 Interlocking Case$$$4.5
DEWALT DWST24082 One Touch Box$$4.8
UWS ATV Tool Box$$$$$4.5
Cat Premium Plastic Portable Tool Box with Lid Organization$$$4.8
Stanley 020800R FatMax 4-in1 Mobile Work Station$$$$4.6
Eclipse Multi-Function Tool Box$4.6

Picking a certain type of toolbox may prove to be difficult given all the choices available in hardware and online stores. There are toolboxes with wheels. There are tool carts. There are toolboxes made of plastic. There are small ones. There are hefty ones. All are great for specific types of work but which one do you really need? Chances are you’ll get lost in all the sales talk and promises which might lead you to purchase a toolbox that doesn’t fit your needs.

In the next section we’ll take you through a list of top rated toolboxes available online and give you an idea of what they’re like with comments and feedback from actual buyers. You’ll see a range of the best selling and most highly rated toolboxes on the market so you wouldn’t be overwhelmed when making your choice.

We’ll also discuss the things you should consider when choosing a particular toolbox. Again, we want to help you find a toolbox that would actually be useful for you. Here we’ll talk about things like size, capacity and storage space. We’re also going to go into the different types of toolboxes and the different situations they will be best for.

Top Rated Toolboxes


This top seller from DeWalt offers a flexible platform which allows various combinations with units that stack up ondewalt deep tool box top of each other. The Units are all connected by heavy-duty metal side latches and hinges.

It comes with a removable interior tray and has a weight capacity of 44 pounds. This toolbox has a length of 17.6 inches and a height of 11.7 inches. All this comes in at an affordable price.

People who bought this DeWalt liked how the product’s smooth operation and usability. The boxes are attached efficiently on top of each other. They also liked the toolboxes texture and the durability of the plastic material. Owners of this toolbox recommend it for homeowners, mechanics and technicians who need to keep their tools both organized and portable for indoor use.

The Original Pink Box

This next one might be an acquired taste seeing as it is actually pink in color, but this toolbox comes with so manyThe Original Pink tool Box great reviews we couldn’t leave it off our list. It is made of a mix of metal and plastic with steel construction, a plastic base and a plastic grip handle.

This toolbox also has a lock feature for keeping your things safe and secure. The Original Pink Box is affordable, coming in at one of the lower price points on our list. It also comes with a limited lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.

This toolbox is advertised as being for storing tools used for makeup, jewelry, fishing and gardening. If your better half enjoys getting her hands dirty with crafts or a little gardening then The Pink Box might be a welcome addition to your home.

Most buyers of this toolbox were women who used it to store their knitting and makeup supplies. This makes it a perfect ‘hers’ counterpart of the regular toolbox. However, some people still used this toolbox for actual tools. Overall they liked how durable yet lightweight the toolbox is but think the removable tray to be quite flimsy.

Makita 197212-5 Interlocking Case

This next entry is another stackable toolbox which is designed for efficient transporting and organizing of tools. Itbest toolbox from makita features a customizable 2-inch foam insert which allows users to shape a personalized placeholder for their tools. Another half inch foam is laid at the bottom of the toolbox for safekeeping of tools.

People who bought the product found it to be sturdy and nicely stacked. They also liked the base foam which they said minimized the rattling of tools and steel on plastic wear and tear.

However, they also said that for its price point, users would rather try out a different brand next time.

Best Tool Box For The Money


Here another DeWalt toolbox make our list. This one has a soft grip handle made for easier gripping and carrying. Itblack dewalt toolbox also features a one-hander latch which frees your other hand to do other tasks.

Not only that but this toolbox has an integrated water seal to keep tools safe from water and dust. At a low price point, this toolbox also comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Users liked how the toolbox seems to be well-made and sturdy given its low price. However, they complain that although the measurements say it is 24 inches long, the inside only measures about 21 inches so it holds less than other 22 inch toolboxes. Another downside they pointed out is that the toolbox is prone to tipping over when fully loaded.

Best Truck Tool Box

UWS ATV Tool Box

This heavy-duty tool box is designed to store and carry heavy tools effectively. It offers reinforced striker posts andUWS truck Tool Box features independent steel locks and latches. Due to its build, it also provides tools with good security.

The box measures about 33 inches in length and 13 inches in height. This UWS toolbox costs more that most of the others on this list.

Despite the price, some users still think that this toolbox isn’t high security but it is enough to keep people out of your toolbox.

Owners liked how roomy and spacy the box’s inside is giving them plenty of room to store valuable tools.

Best Portable Tool Box

Cat Premium Plastic Portable Tool Box

The Cat Premium Plastic Portable Toolbox features a sturdy construction that is built with reinforced walls said to bePortable Tool Box Cat Premium among the thickest in the industry. Thus, this toolbox can carry rather heavier weights than other brands and models.

Inside, it has a convenient removable tote tray which keeps small tools at the top of the box. It is secured with a plastic lid and two large metal latches. The toolbox comes with a one year limited warranty from Cat.

Owners of the toolbox like the spacious inside of it. And although it tends t be a little heavy, they still like its numerous features such as the different compartment for smaller parts. The vast majority of owners also say that they would recommend the Cat toolbox to other people.

Best Rolling Tool Box

Stanley 020800R FatMax 4-in1 Mobile Work Station

This Stanley FatMax is a tiered and multi-level rolling tool storing system which four storage areas that are easy toRolling Tool Box Stanley access. It also features a durable structural foam construction and a large front latch that locks the entire tool system.

This toolbox doubles as a work station with the top of the lid having a V-groove track that can be used to secure lumber and pipe for easy cutting. The FlatMax comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Although one of its main features is its wheels, users found them to be a bit flimsy. Some owners of this rolling toolbox suggested replacing the small plastic wheels with something more sturdy. However, they still really liked the many compartments the toolbox has making it perfect for professionals who have a lot of different tools and parts to store.

Best Cheap Tool Box

Eclipse/Pro’sKit SB-2918 Multi-Function Tool Box

This toolbox is made from high-impact polypropylene and is a heavy-duty box ideal for home, office or craft use. ItCheap Tool Box Eclipse has a portable lift-out plastic storage box inside it which is great for keeping small components organized.

Its dimensions are 11.42 inches in length and 6.89 inches in height. It retail at the lowest price point on this list and is really quite a bargain.

Owners of the Eclipse comment that although the toolbox was able to store their intended tools in an organized manner, they recommend others to get a bigger one in case they need more space. People who bought the product used it for storing rotary tools, hammers and other small to medium sized tools.

Toolbox Buying Guide

A toolbox, if we loosely define the word, is any form of container with a lid where workmen and homeowners can store their tools for safekeeping. They may come in other forms like chests or mini cabinets among other things. But to make sure we’re on the same page when we talk of toolboxes, let’s use a more expert definition.

According to Helpful Mechanics, a toolbox or a tool chest is any multi-drawer tool cabinet with a hinged lid that may be used on its own or on board a roller cabinet. They often do not come with wheels. A common misconception is that they’re meant to be stationed on floors. But toolboxes should ideally be placed at waist height on tables or benches (something your back will later thank you for).

Things To Consider When Looking For The Best Toolbox

Before you go out to your nearest hardware store or log into your Amazon account, here are some important consideration to keep in mind.

Your storage needs

The type and size of your toolbox will greatly depend on your storage needs. How many tools do you currently have? Are you looking to expand them more? Of course, hobbyists will most likely need a smaller, less hefty toolbox than let’s say a professional carpenter.

A hobbyist or homeowner who mostly does home repairs doesn’t need an industrial grade toolbox for simple tools like hammers, screwdrivers, and some nails and screws.

You should also consider how you’d like your tools organized. Do you want different compartments for every tool and little knots like screws? Maybe you’ll need a toolbox with lots of division inside to perfectly organize both your tools and hardware.

These different needs have corresponding types of toolboxes. One of them is the carpenter’s toolbox which, as the name implies, is especially designed for carpenters. These toolboxes are generally made out of wood to protect blades from becoming blunt.

Another type is the mechanic’s toolbox which is made of metal and has the additional features of drawers and removable trays. There’s also the truck box which is attached at the bed of a pickup truck and is made of metal and sometimes high-impact resin. If you plan on buying a truck toolbox you should pay extra consideration to security.

There are tons of other types of toolboxes. If you want to learn more about them, you can check out this helpful article from Life Hacker about choosing a toolbox.

You can also checkout this YouTube video by Tony the Technician for more detailed tips on organizing your tools.

Toolbox Portability

The next thing you’ll need to consider is portability. Is it absolutely necessary that you carry around your toolbox all the time? If you’re a professional, the answer is probably yes. And even if you’re not, chances are you’ll still need to move around your toolbox as you go about your tasks from time to time.

Some people prefer a tool bag as an alternative to the tool box when they need to move around. It’s usually made of canvas but can’t carry all your tools as it is meant for carrying only the tools you need for a given job.

The popular and classic metal toolbox may not be very portable, so if mobility is high up your list of needs, you can try out plastic or steel portable toolboxes instead.

Most technicians and carpenters advise having a big toolbox as the main container of all tools and another smaller tool box for keeping tools needed for a specific job.

Tool Weight

Last, the type of material you’ll need your toolbox to be will depend on the type of tools you’re planning to store. Naturally if you have tools that are primarily made out of heavy steel or metal which tend to be very hefty, you’ll need a heavy-duty toolbox that can handle the weight. Be sure to check out what the weight limit is before you buy a certain toolbox.

We hope this has been helpful to you and your decision of which toolbox to buy. Although there are lots to choose from, the one you should buy should be the best tool box that fits your storage needs the best.

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