Best Table Saw Reviews

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Today, we want to share a wealth of  information which will help you to choose the best table saw. We’re going to let you know which features to look for, provide you with detailed table saw reviews and offer a host of other useful advice. Our goal is to arm you with knowledge to make it easier for you to find a table saw that is a perfect match for your needs and budget.

We’ve spent many hours sourcing the most impressive table saws you can find on the market, all of which are available online. Each one is highly-rated, and produced by a trusted manufacturer with a strong and positive reputation. Once you’ve read our table saw buyer’s guide, you’ll be ready to shop with confidence and make a wise investment.

Table Saw Comparison Chart

PictureNamePriceOur Rating Out Of 5Motor/PowerNo Load SpeedBlade SizeDado CapacityDepth Of CutRipping CapacityWeightWarranty
Sawstop CNS175-TGP36$$$$4.915 Amps

1-3/4 HP
3,850 RPM10 inches8-inch diameter, 13/16-inch max width@ 0 degrees: 3 1/8 inches

@ 45 degrees: 2 1/4 inches
Left: 12 inches
Right: 36 inches
341.4 pounds1 year
DEWALT DCS7485T1 $$$4.620V/60V Flexvolt battery system5,800 RPM8-1/4 inchesNone@ 45 degrees: 1-3/4 inches

@ 90 degrees: 2-1/2 inches
24 inch rip capacity48 pounds3 years limited
DEWALT DW745$$4.615 Amps3,850 RPM10 InchesNone@ 45 degrees: 2-1/4 inches

@ 90 degrees: 3-1/8 inches
20-inch rip capacity45 pounds3 years limited
Bosch 4100-09$$$4.615 Amps

Up to 4HP
3,650 RPM10 inchesUp to 13/16 inches@ 90 degrees 3.125 inches25-inch rip capacity60 pounds1 year limited
Shop Fox W1819$$$$4.812.8 Amps

3,850 RPM10 inchesUp to 13/16 inches@ 45 Degrees: 2-3/16 inches

@ 90 Degrees: 3-1/8 inches
25-1/2 inch rip capacity536 pounds2 years
WEN 3720 15A$$4.515 Amps4,400 RPM10 inchesThe blade can be replaced with a dado blade set@ 45 degrees: 2-1/2 inches

@ 90 degrees: 3-9/16 inches
26-inch ripping capacity79 pounds2 years
SawStop PCS31230-TGP252$$$$$4.813 Amps

4,000 RPM10 inchesUp to 8 inch diameter, 13/16 inch max width@ 0 degrees: 3 1/8 inches

@ 45 degrees: 2 1/4 inches
Left: 12 inches
Right: 52 inches
515 pounds2 years
Powermatic PM1000 1791000K$$$$4.815/7.5

1-3/4 HP
4,200 RPM10 inchesUp to 8 inches

Max width: 0.8125
@ 45 degrees: 2.125 inches

@ 90 degrees: 3.125 inches
Right: 30 inches

Left: 12 inches
347 pounds5 years
Craftsman Evolve Table Saw$4.415 Amps5,000 RPM10 inchesNone@ 45 degrees: 2-1/2 inches

@ 90 degrees: 3 inches
Left: 10.75 inches
Right: 14.75 inches
50.4 pounds1 year
Bosch GTS1031$$4.515 Amps5,000 RPM10 inches1/2 inch@ 45 degrees: 2-1/4 inches

@ 90 degrees: 3-1/8 inches
Left: 7-3/4 inches
Right: 18 inches
52 pounds30-day money back guarantee, 1 year warranty
SKILSAW SPT70WT-01$$4.515 Amps5,300 RPM10 inchesNot stated3-1/2 inch depth of cut25 inch ripping capacity49 poundsNot stated

Now, let’s look at some table saws that we love. They are wonderful “all rounders” and they are some of the best table saws on the market. All of them may be ordered online and most should be available at community-based retailers. The key to getting a great deal on the table saw that you like best is shopping around carefully.

You’ll need to compare prices. Always order a table saw through a reputable supplier. It’s the wisest way to access an authentic table saw from a respected manufacturer. The majority of woodworkers do find that ordering online is the secret of saving money on table saws.

If you’re on a bit of a tight budget, you might want to check out this short buying guide for table saws under $500.

The Best Table Saw – Our Top Pick And Best All Rounder

Sawstop CNS175-TGP36 Contractor Saw with 36″ Professional T-Glide Fence System

This contractor’s table saw is ideal for home shops and it may also be used during professional contracting table saw by sawstop Equipped with one hundred and ten volts of power, this popular model from Sawstop features 1.75 horsepower. The Sawstop CNS175-TGP36 has a superb safety system, it’s crafted with care for long product life and peak performance and it’s equipped with a dust collection system which is an industry gold standard.

Superb Build Quality And The Best Safety Features In The Business

The dimensions of this contractor’s table saw are 69 1/8th-inches in width by 45 inches in depth by 34 3/4 inches in height. This unit features premium fit and it’s finished beautifully, with great attention to detail. It comes with a SawStop safety system, which features “finger-sensing” technology. The system includes a microprocessor which performs accurate monitoring of a low-voltage current that runs through its blade.

When something fleshy makes contact with the blade, the microprocessor senses a reduction in voltage and then puts an aluminum block into place in less than one second. If you want to protect your fragile fingers from injuries, this may be the contractor’s table saw that you’ve been looking for.

A Versatile And Feature-Rich Saw

Since it’s equipped with 36-inch rails, this model is very dependable and versatile. While some table saws do have longer rails, such as 52 inches, most woodworkers find that 36 inch fences provide more than enough space. As well, when you go for a table saw with 36-inch rails, you’ll usually save money, as the styles with longer rails are generally costlier.

Using the SawStop 36″ Contractor Saw will allow you to finish any type of woodworking project. Use it to build aa close up shot of the sawstop table saw sundeck on your own property or utilize it to overhaul the cabinets in your kitchen. However you use it, you’ll find that it streamlines your tasks and offers superior results.

This table saw has so many great features. Also, it comes with a table, extensions, a blade, rails and a fence, so everything that you need will be included, except woodworking materials. This power tool also features a one-year warranty from the manufacturer. The rail for this model measures 36 inches and it’s designed to provide added support. Also, the unit’s guide rails display measurement information which helps to promote precise results. Another benefit of this model is its fences. They are lock-down styles, so they will stay firmly in place while you are working.

A Great All Rounder, But Not The Most Budget Friendly

The blade for this model is 10 inches in length and has an arbor which measures 5/8 of an inch. The blade’s “left bevel” design minimizes the risk of binding against the fence. This is a table saw with cast iron construction. Cast iron promotes stability and support. Also, this table saw will connect with dust extractors. This feature will make cleanup a total breeze.

Overall, this saw is tough enough to take whatever busy contractors or DIY woodworkers dish out! Its construction is rock-solid, it’s got amazing safety features and it performs like a dream. It’s a terrific working saw and it has a fence which offers ultra-smooth glide the whole way across the table. The saw features left-side hooks which are designed to store a riving knife. Since it’s been designed to meet the needs of contractors, it has all of the bells and whistles. It’s clear that it was designed by experts who know woodworking inside and out!

One small drawback of this model is that it doesn’t feature a panel for dust collection. You’ll need to get one of these components on your own. However, dust collection panels aren’t very expensive. Most are available for around fifty bucks.

Best Table Saw For The Money


Dewalt is a beloved name in power tools. In our opinion, the Flexvolt Table Saw Kit  is a very smart buy, thanks to itsdewalt table saw innovative battery, which changes voltage automatically when tools are changed. You’ll find that this battery is “backwards compatible” with all 20V Max tools from Dewalt. This means quadruple the typical run time! You’ll be able to add this battery to an array of 120V Max and 60V Max power tools from the table saw manufacturer. If you want a table saw with plenty of versatility, you’ll find that this power tool really delivers.

However, the benefits of choosing this best-selling table saw don’t stop there.

This design also comes with 24 inches of rip capacity. This makes it ideal for ripping plywood which is 4 X 8 and ripping OSB sheets. The fence rails on this model are telescoping and they feature rack-and-pinion design. We like the fence rails as they make adjustments to the fence simple to perform. You’ll find that you’re able to do accurate and smooth fence adjustments quickly. As well, the DeWalt DCS7485T1  has a power loss reset feature which stops re-starts that are accidental (these resets happen after power disruptions, when the switch is set to “on”).

A Practical Design That Comes With Everything You Need To Get Started

In addition, this model features a roll cage base which is made from metal. It’s durable and offers more ruggedness than a plastic base would. When you choose this table saw, you’ll find that it includes storage space for a riving knife, wrenches, a push stick, a miter gauge, a guard and a fence. When you order, you’ll receive a push stick, a carbide blade, a table saw, a rip fence, a blade guard, a battery, blade wrenches, a quick charger, a User Guide, a riving knife (non-cut-through style) and a gauge for the miter.

In terms of technical specifications, this model has a 5,800 revolutions per minute load speed, an arbor size of 5/8ththe DeWalt DCS7485T1 in action of an inch, 2-1/2 inches cut depth for 90 degrees and 1-3/4 inches of cut edge for 45 degrees.

This table saw is designed to promote the highest level of accuracy. It also features excellent run time and great capacity. It is equipped with a brushless motor which sends ample power. The table saw has enough oomph to cut an array of materials.

A Great Value Saw That’s Portable And Powerful

If you want the convenience of a cordless power tool, along with the power of a corded design, then this may be the perfect table saw for you. It’s guarding system (Site-Pro Modular) will make it so simple to adjust the unit without tools. As well, this design offers exceptional material support, which means that it’s able to create rip cuts which are very narrow (24-inch rip capacity).

This table saw has so many pros. Most people who buy it love it because they find that it offers an ideal balance of portability and power. This power tool weighs in at fifty pounds, so it’s lightweight enough to move around with relative ease (many table saws weigh so much more!) when it needs to be utilized in another place or stored.

Cons for this unit are minor. One possible drawback is that you’ll be limited to a maximum blade size of 10 inches. As well, we find that the blade which comes with this table saw has a tendency to “flex” now and then! Lastly, you won’t be able to connect an auto-switch for your vacuum.

Best Contractor Table Saw

DEWALT DW745 Compact Job-Site Table Saw

Now, let’s talk about another practical table saw from DeWalt. It’s the DeWalt DW745 10-Inch Compact Job-Sitedewalt compact table saw Table Saw and it features a maximum rip capacity of 20 inches. Perfect for busy contractors, this design comes with a motor with 15 amp of power. When you choose this popular power tool, you’ll receive a miter gauge, blade guards, a carbide blade measuring 10 inches (24-tooth) and a push stick.

As you can see, everything that you need in order to get started with projects will be at your fingertips, except your preferred material. However, you will need to buy a saw stand separately. Most table saws don’t come with saw stands, so this unit doesn’t stand out in that respect.

We would classify this model as being for contractors. These particular table saws are perfect for pros who need premium table saw performance at job sites. You’ll probably love the bright-yellow design of this table saw. It’s got the bold styling that the DeWalt brand is known for. As well as being stylish, this unit is versatile enough to fit the needs of cabinet makers, general carpenters, flooring experts, cabinet installers, furniture makers and renovators.

A Hard Working Machine That Can Be Moved Around By Just One Person

One impressive element of this table saw is its high-torque motor. It has 15 ampere of power, which is enough to get the toughest jobs done, including cutting lumber which is pressure-treated or cutting hardwood. This table saw also has a great blade which measures 10 inches in diameter and operates at a no-load spin speed of 3850 revolutions per minute.

Use this DeWalt table saw to create cuts which are clean and so quick to complete! To help illustrate the power level of this model, it’s got sufficient power to cut through red oak two-by-fours! It’s definitely a powerful unit and this is good news if you want something which is suitable for an array of materials and applications.

We also like the portability of this model. It weighs fifty-three pounds and its design is balanced, so it’s easy to carry it from place to place. When you want to move this table saw around, you’ll be able to do it all by yourself. This is good news if you work on your own sometimes.

A Great Fence And Rip Capacity

This table saw also features a fence configuration which is exclusive. It allows for a massive rip capacity of 20 inches.a close up of the DeWalt DW745 Since it does come with rack-and-pinion performance, you’ll find that adjusting the fence is a smooth and straightforward process. The fence system telescopes and this means that the rails will extend to 20 full inches. This will give you the ability to rip complete material sheets. If you prefer to, you may retract the fence in order to make your table saw more compact and easier to move around.

This model comes with a cut depth maximum of 3-1/8 inches (for 90 degrees) and a 45-degree cut depth maximum of 2-1/4 inches.

Now, let’s talk about pros and cons. It’s an excellent table saw with ample power, it’s lightweight enough to move around easily and its fence is very adjustable. These are big advantages that any contractor will appreciate. In terms of disadvantages, one possible “con” of this model is that it doesn’t come with a stand. However, a lot of table saws don’t, so this isn’t unusual. As well, the model won’t accept blades of the dado type. Also, this table saw is for North American customers only.

Now, let’s talk about another interesting contractor option from Bosch…

Bosch 4100-09 Worksite Table Saw with Gravity-Rise Stand

This practical table saw is right for professionals and it comes from Bosch. Bosch is a German manufacturer of powerbosh worksite table saw with stand tools which has been around since 1886. When you buy this model from this trusted and established manufacturer, you’ll access a table saw with an ultra-modern, “gravity rise” stand, which will make it easy for you to find a perfect working height for your table saw.

Since this table saw is portable, you’ll find that it’s easy to tote it along to every job site. As well, it comes with a ten-inch blade which operates at 3650 revolutions per minute. The blade makes precision cutting simple. This table saw has the capacity to cut table handles stock up to a width of 25 inches. Also, it comes with a one-year warranty.

A Great Saw For Both Beginners And Pros

This model has a lot of exciting and sensible enhancements which make this cost-effective power tool rugged and reliable. The enhancements also promote superior performance. One example is the unit’s blade, which is equipped with a modular smart guard. This is the first smart guard system of its type within the table saw industry. More examples of innovation include the ultra-tough sub base, which has carrying handles, and the rip fence, which is a square-lock design that has a t-slot miter gauge and auxiliary-type fence slots.

Overall, this table saw offers the latest refinements to components and systems and also comes with a riving knife, a blade guard and kickback pawls. The riving knife, blade guard and kickback pawls are modular and tool-free, so you’ll be able to add and remove components, in an independent manner, depending on which tasks you are performing.

The blade guard is well-designed. It’s easy to use and it has a split-guarding feature which provides a high level of protection, as well as a line of sight which is exceptional. The riving knife for this unit is equipped with a trio of settings, which are: full upright, non-though cutting and splitting. This knife will stop pinching of the saw’s blade via materials.

One Of The Best Portable Saw And Stand Combinations On The Market

The Bosch 4100-09 10-Inch Worksite Table Saw with Gravity-Rise Stand has a table which is crafted from aluminumThe Bosch 4100-09 sawing through wood of the machined type. This tough material lasts for a long time and it’s one of the reasons why this particular table saw offers impressive ROI (return on investment). The sub-base integrates to the unit’s saw.

One other feature that we know you’ll appreciate is the rip fence, with its square-lock design. It will reduce waste by ensuring “true” cuts. It will also help you to increase your output. We find that this fence is one of the most accurate around. It will glide along the table saw’s rail smoothly and facilitate operation with one hand. Also, it locks into place rapidly.

This table saw does have a lot of superb features, including a blade which is tipped in carbide, enough power to cut through harder woods and a safety system which provides stellar kickback protection. In terms of drawbacks, it does have some plastic components and there are customers who prefer to avoid buying power tools which have plastic parts.

As well, you should know that you’ll need to clean this model on a regular basis in order to get rid of dust before it builds up and negatively impacts product performance.

Best Hybrid Table Saw

Shop Fox W1819 Table Saw with Riving Knife

Shop Fox has been manufacturing power tools for 25 years now, so this brand is rock-solid. Now, let’s talk aboutShop Fox Hybrid Table Saw what its Shop Fox W1819 has to offer. This model is of high quality and it delivers great performance, day in and day out. Crafted from the most durable materials, including trunnions made from rugged cast iron, this table saw has a motor with 3 horsepower, as well as a triple belt drive. In addition, the big table and large wings are made from tough cast iron.

If you go with this saw, you’ll probably never need to buy another table saw. You’ll be set for life. We think that this pro table will be a smart investment, as long as you want something heavy-duty. Bear in mind that it weighs in at five hundred and thirty-six pounds. It is a substantial piece of equipment. Substantial means stable and sturdy, so heavy is a good thing.

When you put this table saw in your shop, it is bound to become a treasured power tool that you will really rely on…and turn to again and again!

As well, we like the 4-inch dust collection port that comes with this model. It makes it easy to keep things clean and in good working order. This table saw from Shop Fox also has very impressive safety features. For example, it has a shield which is made from transparent polycarbonate, as well as a spreader with anti-kickback pawls on both sides. In addition, it has a blade guard assembly which is very protective.

Great Safety Features And A Spacious Table Top

The polycarbonate shield makes it easy for the table saw operator to view wood while he or she is cutting it. The guard goes up as the wood gets pushed forwards, towards the table saw’s blade. As well, the guard will continue to have contact with the wood for the duration of the cut. This model’s spreader is composed of a plate made of metal and it will stop the wood’s “kerf” from getting pinched against the rear side of the blade. Sometimes, these types of pinches trigger “kickbacks”.

The pawls which prevent kickbacks keep wood travelling in the right direction, which is forwards. If wood does start moving backwards, pawls dig into it in order to slow its progress or stop its progress.

These are awesome safety features and a welcome addition to any table saw.

This model has the dimensions, 67 inches by 46.5 inches by 30 inches. This model’s power source is corded and its voltage is 220.

An Impressive Dust Port And Hefty Fence

In general, this model offers plenty of bang for the buck. If you want to invest in long-lasting quality and dependablethe blade of the Shop Fox W1819 performance, you should seriously consider this table saw. Its got a motor which is powerful enough to cut through wood easily and its tabletop is very roomy, so you won’t need to deal with insufficient work space. Some table saws don’t offer the same spacious tabletops.

Most saws of the hybrid type, like this one, tend to be unimpressive in terms of their capacity to collect dust. However, this one is different. It comes with a four-inch dust collecting port, so you’ll be able to connect your industrial vacuum quickly. This’ll make it so easy to keep everything neat and tidy. We think that this style is an amazing choice if you’re a pro and you don’t want to spend a fortune on a new table saw.

So, are there any drawbacks? Well, you should anticipate needing to spend some time putting this table saw together and then calibrating it. Also, you may find that the on-off switch is a bit too compact.

Best Table Saw Under 300 Dollars

WEN 3720 15A, Jobsite Table Saw with Rolling Stand

Now, let’s look at a portable table saw which isn’t just for the pros! It’s the WEN 3720 15A Jobsite Table Saw and it is a great choice for DIY woodworkers and contractors. This model has got the precision and portability that woodworkers want and need. Since it’s foldable, you’ll be able to fold it up and then roll it to your next worksite. It’ll go anywhere with you, without being hard to move around. This model is equipped with a rolling stand. It’s nice to have a table saw that folds up and rolls! Most people who invest in this model find that its portability is first-rate.

A Solid Performer That’s Brilliant Value For Money

This unit features a ripping capacity of 26 inches and it will cut boards up to a maximum thickness of 3-9/16th inches. Since it does have a motor which is loaded with power (15 amp), it’s ideal for cutting through even the hardest wood products. The powerful motor means that this blade will rotate a maximum of 4,400 times every sixty seconds. The blade on this model measures ten inches and it has 40 teeth. The blade is tipped in carbide.

We also like the fact that this model features a beveling blade for cuts which are angled. This feature means that it’s simple to adjust blade angle and height, just by utilizing the knob (for adjustment tracking) which is found on the front of this handy and powerful table saw. When you select this model, you’ll also access premium tool storage. Onboard tool storage will give you the power to store adjustment wrenches, miter gauges, rip sticks and other tools, just by mounting them in the right locations.

This versatile table saw also earns points for being “dado head” compatible. When you buy this table saw, you’ll beWEN 3720 15A for under 300 dollars able to switch the blade and add another blade that you like, such as a dado head. Dado heads help woodworkers to make strong joints in their pieces of work.

Cuts 4x4s In One Pass With Ease

Along with the saw itself, you’ll receive a durable and strong fence, a miter gauge which slides, a dust port which measures 2-1/2 inches and a push stick which enhances safety.

One advantage of this model is that it comes with a warranty that lasts two years. A lot of table saws have one-year warranties. As well, the manufacturer offers a help line for table saw owners and the company also gives customers access to a country-wide group of highly-trained service techs.

Main “pros” of this model are its power, safety features, versatility and beveling blade. Most people who choose this model are glad that they did. Customers who complain about this model are usually unhappy with its plastic parts. They would prefer that all components were crafted from materials which can’t break as easily. For example, the chassis of this model is crafted from strong plastic. While plastic used in the construction of this job site table saw is strong, it’s not as tough as certain other materials.

Best Cabinet Table Saw

SawStop PCS31230-TGP252 3-HP Professional Cabinet Saw

If you want to invest in a high-end cabinet saw with all of the bells and whistles, you’ll enjoy learning about thissawstop Professional Cabinet Saw SawStop model! The PCS31230-TGP252 Pro Cabinet Saw is for woodworkers who really care about the caliber of their workmanship! This table saw features 3 horsepower and it has a longer-than-average, T-glide fence which measures 52 inches. When you choose this model, you’ll be able to get exceptional results and save a lot of time on woodworking tasks.

The team at SawStop have gone to great lengths to create a table saw that has it all. We think that they’ve succeeded and many other woodworking experts agree. This design features vertical elevation that is true, cutting which is repeatable (and silky-smooth!) and a fence which is recognized and respected within the table saw industry. As well, it has a safety system which is almost incomparable. This is good news, as statistics show that table saw accidents happen at a rate of nine per minute.

One Of The Safest Saws On The Market

While this table saw definitely has enough technical features to please discerning pros, it’s also a great choice for enthusiastic hobbyists. Also, we love the way that the experts at SawStop build so many superior safety features into this model. For example, the safety system for this model is so sensitive that it will detect accidental human contact with the blade while it’s spinning…and then stop the blade in mere milliseconds.

Another benefit of this cabinet table saw is that it provides premium collection of dust (99 percent below and above the table). Also, this table saw has ideal fit and it’s been finished with painstaking care, so it looks sleek, stylish and fantastic. It has modern style, along with a cool red, black and silver palette. As well, it has every feature under the sun, including its fence system, which is designed to add strength and to enhance precision. This table saw also comes with an extension table and rails.

Probably The Last Cabinet Table Saw You’ll Ever Need

The cabinet for this model is fully-enclosed. Its design is practical. Beneath its table, this power tool features shrouding which streamlines air from the unit’s blade, in order to make sure that dust is delivered to its four-inch port, where it is collected. As well, if you want to, you may purchase the TSA-ODC Overarm Dust Collection Accessory, which will carry the dust which collects within the blade guard to a port on the saw’s back.

This table saw also comes with a riving knife which reduces the risk of kickback and offers protection via non-thru cuts. The riving knife is a left-tilting blade design which assists with stopping wood from binding when it comes up against the fence.

This cabinet table saw features a power requirement of 220 volts.

If you want to move this model around, you should know that there is an optional base available which is mobile. ItSawStop PCS31230-TGP252 table saw comes with a couple of stationary casters and a couple of pivoting casters. As well, you’ll have the option of upgrading to the company’s mobile base assembly for this model, the MB-PCS-IND, which has a lift capacity of one thousand pounds, as well as four pivoting casters and a piston life which is hydraulic.

The pros of this model are clear. It’s heavy-duty, it’s extremely safe, it’s versatile and it’s packed with power! Plus, it looks great. It’s a table saw to be proud of. If you want a cabinet table saw, this one is sure to impress. Also, it’s highly-rated and this makes it an excellent investment. It delivers for real-life woodworking pros and hobbyists alike.

In terms of drawbacks, some accessories for this model are optional, such as the mobile base sold by the table saw’s manufacturer. You’ll need to spend more money in order to access the added functionality that the accessories offer. If this isn’t a problem for you, you may find that this model meets and exceeds your expectations.

Powermatic PM1000 Table Saw With 30-Inch Fence

This model is a cabinet table saw which needs just 115 volts of power. It comes with a collection hose and a bladePowermatic Table Saw surround which offer a path that is unobstructed. The unobstructed path will maximize the collection of dust. We like the power switch on this model. It is well-located, so you’ll be able to use it hands-free if you want to. Another impressive feature of this attractive, yellow-and-silver design is its guard assembly, which is tool-less. The guard assembly features side leaves that are independent. The guard assembly is simple to utilize and it’s designed to maximize safety.

This model also comes with a miter gauge which will pivot to 60 degrees on both sides. This sturdy gauge makes it easy to perform adjustments for a wide assortment of cuts.

An Upgrade From Contractor To Cabinet Saw You Won’t Regret

Powermatic is a reputable brand that woodworkers trust. When you choose the Powermatic PM1000 1791000K Table Saw (30-inch fence), you’ll access a power saw which offers near-perfect performance in every important respect. If you want to make the jump from a contractor table saw to a cabinet table saw, you’ll be pleased to know that most people who wanted the same thing and then bought this model are thrilled that they chose it.

It’s ultra-efficient motor tends to perform better than a lot of 220-volt table saw motors. You’ll love the results that you get when you use this high-end table saw.

Great Safety Features And Practically No Vibration

This model comes with a safety switch which may be activated in order to stop the whole table saw system, even when hands are busy with other tasks. As well, the guard assembly promotes premium safety by giving users a clear view of the materials that they are cutting.

This model weighs in at 418 pounds and features 1.75 horsepower. Its components are rugged and machine-washed.Powermatic PM1000 cabinet table saw When you choose this model, you’ll find that accessing customer support via Powermatic is easy. The company does have a good reputation in terms of backing up what it sells with caring customer service that is simple to access.

Something else to appreciate about this model is its low level of vibration. Also, it’s pretty easy to get the saw on this model set up, so you shouldn’t have too many assembly and calibration woes to worry about.

We looked at a range of customer reviews for this model and had trouble finding any negative ones. This is a cabinet table saw with all of the right pros and no real cons. One possible drawback is the fact that this cabinet table saw isn’t cheap. It’s costs a fair bit, but it’s worth it if you want the best. You’ll love the performance that you get with just 115 volts and you’ll also find that this model offers safety features that are hard to match.

Real-life customers who invested in this model are a mixture of hobbyists and pros. All of them give this Powermatic cabinet table saw glowing reviews. Since it offers the ultimate in smooth operation, it may be the “five star” cabinet table saw of your dreams.

Best Cheap Table Saw

Craftsman Evolve Table Saw

If you want an inexpensive table saw that works well and doesn’t take a big bite out of your budget, then you’ll loveBest Cheap Table Saw by Craftsman this 10-inch saw. It’s definitely in the budget price bracket and it offers plenty of accuracy and balance for a good price. Crafted from steel which is rugged and durable, this power tool is an ideal choice if you want the smoothest cuts for perfect mortises, miters and dados. When you utilize this model, your pieces will slip together just as they should and then remain in a single piece for many years.

A Great Budget-Friendly Option for The DIYer

This model is designed to handle heavy usage, so it’s a good choice for home renos, yard projects and other home-based woodworking projects. This is a great table saw for the hobbyist! It costs very little and makes it easier (and faster) to create projects from wood. This table saw is quite durable and it packs a lot of power, so it will cut through even the hardest woods.

Simple to maneuver and very stable, the Craftsman Evolv 15 Amp 10 In. Table Saw 28461 features a rip fence which offers dependable backing, whether you’re cutting boards, planks or complete sheets of ply. Also, since this table saw has an anti-kickback pawl which is adjustable, you’ll find that all of your passes are true, safe and stable. If you’re putting together a woodworking shop at home, you should consider this model. It’s powerful enough to get the job done and its cheap enough to offer premium value for the money. In fact, it’s so affordable that it’s actually a great gift idea for any woodworking hobbyist.

When you order, you’ll receive the table saw, a 24T carbide-tipped blade, blade wrenches, a stand, anti-kickbackcraftsman's cheap table saw pawls, hex keys, a push stick, a miter gauge, a blade guard assembly, an Operator’s Manual and a rip fence.

We like the table top for this model. It’s sheer and makes it easy to cut smoothly, time after time. Also, it measures 25 inches by 17 inches, so it’s quite roomy. As well, we appreciate this model’s 15-amp motor, which provides plenty of pure power.

Another key advantage of this table saw is its miter gauge, which is very simple to adjust. The miter gauge will give you a lot of control fast, for tighter bevels and corners. As well, the guarding system for this model offers tons of versatility, in addition to blade coverage which is premium. You’ll be able to install the upper guarding assembly by clamping it via a convenient latch action.

The Fence Is Decent, But Needs Measuring At Both Ends For Accurate Cuts

The rip fence for this model features a quick-release mount which facilitates speedy adjustment of rip. Also, this table saw has a big on-off switch which is easy to access and simple to use. The stand for this model is made from steel that has a good level of stability, as well as a working height which will be comfortable for most people. The blade height control for this model is a rack-and-pinion style. It will provide accurate and smooth adjustments.

This table saw comes with a one-year warranty from Craftsman. Craftsman is a respected company which has been in business for ninety years

In terms of pros, this table saw is incredibly affordable in light of all that it offers. It gets very strong ratings from most customers who buy it. They appreciate its value and reasonable price. In terms of drawbacks, it’s a budget model, so you’re not going to get every bell and whistle that you’d get with a mid-range of high-end model. If you want basic performance that you can count on, which is very portable, this may be the right model for you.

Best Small Table Saw

Bosch GTS1031 Portable Jobsite Table Saw

Are you looking for a great jobsite table saw which is ideal for contractors? If you are, you’ll love the Bosch GTS1031Bosch GTS1031 Portable Table Saw 10-Inch Portable Jobsite Table Saw. This design comes with a ten-inch blade and it’s a portable table saw that real-life users really appreciate. The saw features ultra-modern safety technology which is exclusive to Bosch. The safety technology is called the Smart Guard System. This innovative safety system is a blade guard which is modular.

This model’s rip fence is a SquareLock design which ensures the truest cuts. When you choose this model, you’ll find that getting cuts finished is a fast process. This model will save you time and energy and it’s definitely got an attractive price tag (it’s in the budget to low mid-range price bracket).

Some table saws cost much more. Since customers love the functionality of this design from Bosch, we think that it delivers quite a bit of value for a really reasonable price. For hobbyists and contractors, it provides exceptional performance in light of its small size and lower price.

The table for this model features convenient storage which is onboard. The storage is found beneath the table and there is room to store all of the accessories that come with this design. Now, let’s talk about what those accessories are…

In terms of accessories, you’ll get a carbide saw blade with 24 teeth, a table saw, a miter gauge, a rip fence and wrenches for blade changes.

A Small And Light Saw That’s Effective And Works Great

Other impressive elements of this practical table saw are its base (which is crafted from steel to handle plenty ofsmall table saw by bosch abuse) and its compact design. Also, this model is very balanced and comes with a one-handed handle for carrying, which really boosts portability.

The square lock on this table saw’s rip fence is self-aligning, so it promotes accurate cuts. Also, this table saw has a capacity which is optimized, so you’ll find that it’s versatile enough to use for an array of purposes.

Now, let’s talk pros and cons. This design is very simple to use, even for beginners, so we think that this is a big plus. The learning curve should be pretty short. As well, the safety features on this model are quite advanced and this is good, because the risk of accidents will be lower. As well, we find that this model is very simple to stow away when it’s not in use. It’s also easy to set up after it’s been taken out of storage.

In addition, this table saw is compact, so it doesn’t take up a ton of floor space. Also, blade changes will be fast processes. In terms of drawbacks, you’ll need to adjust this model on a regular basis and, while it is sturdy and substantial, it’s not as sturdy and substantial as some heavy-duty, high-end models.

Best Table Saw For Home Use

SKILSAW SPT70WT-01 Portable Worm Drive Table Saw

This mid-range table saw is portable and it has a worm drive which is brass-geared. The worm drive provides plentyskilsaw Portable Table Saw of torque and power! When you select the Skilsaw 10″ Portable Table Saw, you’ll be using a 15 ampere motor which is built to last. The motor is a dual-field style which increases speed of cutting and also extends motor life. This table saw has a rip capacity of 25 inches and a cut depth of 3-1/2 inches. It’s a great choice for ripping a host of materials.

When you choose this model, you’ll have choices in terms of materials and applications. You won’t be limited. As well, you won’t have to spend a fortune to get the power, performance and choices that you want and need.

This table saw weighs just 49 pounds, so it’s a lightweight option that is easy to use and simple to move around from jobsite to jobsite.

The Worm Drive Provides Plenty Power

We love the added torque that this model provides (thanks to its worm drive) and we also appreciate the stand that comes with this table saw. The stand is very easy to assemble. All that is needed to put it together comes with the table saw, so you’ll receive tools, washers, bolts and nuts. Expect to take about ten minutes to get this stand together. You may not need that much time! The stand comes with snap clips which keep the saw firmly in place.

While you may expect to need wheels for your stand, you won’t miss them when you choose this table saw. The stand is very light in weight, so carrying it won’t be difficult. Also, the stand is quite stable. If you need to move your table saw around frequently, you’ll find that this table saw is a fine choice. It’s designed with people like you in mind!

Another impressive feature of this table saw is its Diablo blade, which has thirty teeth. It’s a carbide-tipped designSKILSAW SPT70WT-01 table saw for home use which is ideal for rip cuts. When you choose this particular Skilsaw, you may use its top-notch blade to do typical 3-1/2 inch cuts (at 90 degrees).

Excellent Build Quality and Power-to-Weight Ratio

Overall, the build quality of this unit is really good. It’s solid. You’ll find that standard adjustments are already set up. The extension and fence will slide easily and then lock into place very well. Another great feature of this unit is that it has no load speed and operates at 5,300 revolutions per minute (RPM). In terms of cutting performance, it’s definitely a top performer for its weight class.

This table saw has plenty of excellent features and it’s not too expensive. It’s basically everything that a good jobsite table saw should be. It’s quite functional, without being too heavy. As well, it cuts accurately. It’s a pro-level power tool which deserves praise.

We like the size, stability and weight of this model. If you don’t mind forgoing a stand with wheels in order to access a table saw which is lighter and more stable, then this model may be perfect for you. It’s ideal for those who frequently load and unload table saws from their truck beds, because they don’t use trailers. In terms of pitfalls, it doesn’t have wheels and it’s not a high-end design, so it’s not going to have a range of extra designer features. Also, it’s groove guide is made of plastic. In general, we think that this design provides superb return on investment.

How To Use  A Table Saw For Woodworking


Now, we’d like to help you find the perfect table saw by sharing some important tips, via our practical Table Saw Buying Guide section…

Table Saw Buying Guide

Table saws may also be known as sawbenches and they are the centerpiece of a good woodworking shop. A table saw consists of a saw blade which is circular. The blade is mounted upon an arbor and it’s powered by an electric motor. In general, this type of power tool is the largest investment that a carpenter or DIY woodworker will make.

Having looked at the best table saw reviews, let’s talk about what a table saw is and how it’s used. These power tools are very practical and the most dependable models are extremely versatile.

This part of our comprehensive “how to choose the best table saw” guide is designed to help you learn about table saws and how to find the most appropriate table saw for your needs. We’ll begin by sharing information about the types of table saws that are out there in the marketplace, as well as facts about how they are used.

Your table saw will probably be the most important piece of kit in your workshop and that’s why spending a little bit more for superior quality will stand to you in the long run. Investing in quality will give you a table saw which is loaded with features, easy to use and designed to stand the test of time.

What Are Some Common Tasks Table Saws Are Used For?

Table saws are power tools which help woodworkers to perform an array of tasks accurately and efficiently. A typical table saw will miter-cut, rip, square, cross-cut, dado and rabbet. As well, it may be used to add shapes to wood stock edges. Since it performs at least seven important tasks, it’s a woodworking shop powerhouse!

Owning your own table saw will make it easier for you to get superb results, whether you’re doing woodworking as a hobby, selling what you create or doing DIY jobs at home.

The Four Main Types of Table Saws and Their Uses


Benchtop/Portable table saws are compact and very easy to move from place to place. Some people call these power tools benchtop table saws or jobsite table saws. Portable table saws don’t take up a lot of floor space, they may be moved almost anywhere and they are able to cut a lot of different materials, from dadoes to sheetstock and beyond. They are usually used in home shops, although some contractors make take them to job sites. They are geared at hobbyists.


Contractor table saws are also portable, but a bit more substantial than ultra-portable table saws. These table saws are meant to be carried from job site to job site and they usually have tables made from aluminum. Motors are generally mounted on the outsides of the saws. Contractor table saws are designed to meet the needs of those who do woodworking for a living, by performing carpentry tasks at variety of job sites. Contractors use them to do carpentry and take care of other woodworking tasks at job sites. These styles are portable and versatile enough to meet the needs of pro woodworkers.


Cabinet table saws have cabinet-type bases which are completely enclosed. They are made with rugged materials, such as steel and cast iron, so they are heavier and less portable. Cabinet saws are ideal for pros who are serious about woodworking. Some of these designs weigh hundreds of pounds. For example, it’s not rare for a cabinet table saw to weight five hundred or six hundred pounds! Due to the fact that they are so substantial, they tend to cost a lot more than the other categories of table saws that we just talked about. Think thousand of bucks, rather than hundreds.

Since contractor’s saws and cabinet saws are both made for professionals, let’s talk about how they differ. It’s mostly about the weight of the table saws, as well as their trunnions. Trunnions are pins or pivots. Trunnions on cabinet table saws are affixed to the cabinets. Tables for cabinet saws are separate components. With contractor’s saws, trunnions are mounted to the tables.

Cabinet styles are the choice of pros who want to do the most exacting work from their shops. They cut all types of wood and allow for all types of cutting. They have everything, except portability, although some styles feature optional mobile bases which make it easier to move them to place to place.


DeWalt is known for its hybrid table saws. They are new classes of table saws and they’ve been around since 1999. Some people refer to the hybrid designs as light-duty cabinet saws. A hybrid is something in between a pro-grade cabinet table saw and a contractor saw with an open stand design. When you choose this type of table saw, you’ll usually get a compact motor which is suitable for usage by contractors, as well as a cabinet-style stand and a motor mount which is internal.

Trunnion assemblies, which are mounted in a hanging fashion on the bottoms of the tables, are features of hybrids. Used in smaller woodworking shops at at job sites, these styles cost less than cabinet table saws, but offer some of their benefits. They are typically more portable than cabinet table saws, so, in some ways, they offer the best of both worlds.

Table Saw Blades – What Type Of Blade Will Suit Your Needs?

Table Saw Techniques: Blades
Source: Blog

Most table saw blades can be great, as long as they are matched to the right application. In other words, don’t use the wrong type of blade. If you do, you may have to spend a lot of time cleaning up poor results by hand or with smaller power tools. When you choose the right blade for the job and the blade comes from a manufacturer with a good reputation, you should be able to get amazing results quickly.

How To Choose The Right Blade For The Job

There are four main types of blades for table saws and they are classified based on the shapes of their teeth. The four categories are: (FTG) flat top grind, (ATB) alternate top bevel, (ATBR) combination and (TCG) triple-chip grind.

The FTG blade functions like a powerful chisel and this makes it ideal for ripping and sawing (perpendicular to wood grain). The ATB is the “all-purpose” table saw blade. It has teeth which are angled along the upper edge. Every other tooth leans in the other direction, so this blade shears effectively.

The ATBR blade is also all-purpose and it has fifty teeth which are arranged in groups of five, as well as four teeth of the ATB type, along with a raker tooth. The combination of teeth in a specific formation is why this blade is the “combination blade”. The TCG blade is considered a perfect choice for cutting non-wood materials, thanks to its alternating pattern of raker tooth followed by chamfered tooth. Use this blade for Corian, plastic laminate, aluminum and brass.

Don’t forget to brush up on your table saw blade changing skills, if you want to try out these different blade types.

Table Saw Features – What To Look For In A Great Saw

Table Saw Parts and Components
Source: Blog

When shopping for a table saw, you need to look for solid construction, good dust control, adjustments which are easy to make (blade, table, tilt, rise and fall), access to wheels and levers which is easy (you’ll need to lubricate them sometimes), a great fence and miter gauge and quick, accurate fence adjustments.

Table Saw Motors And Horsepower

If you want to cut hardwood which is domestic, one to two horsepower should be sufficient. However, shooting for three horsepower is probably the smartest option. Then, you’ll be able to cut through almost anything without a problem.

Must-have Safety Features For Beginners

The table saws that we reviewed have some great safety features, but learning how to operate your table saw safely is still a must. Safety features are so important. Examples of safety features to watch for as you shop around for table saws include flesh sensors, kickback prevention, magnetic switches and kick switches. Without the right safety features, you are more likely to suffer an accident.

Safety features are great, and the more the better. But if you’re not already experienced, learning how to use a table saw properly is also worth the effort.

What About Table Saw Accessories?

Most good table saws come with the right accessories, including blade guards, blade wrenches and quick chargers. As well, great table saws typically have onboard storage for all of these accessories.

Some table saws also feature optional accessories, including mobile bases which make them more portable (these accessories are usually offered for usage with heavy cabinet table saws).

We researched online retailers and found that this list of accessories are the most popular with online buyers: 3D pushblocks (they make it easier to control materials while they are being cut), stands (for table saws that don’t come with stands) which offer stability and ensure proper working height and zero clearance insert assemblies, which reduce kerf clearance to the thickness of the blade.

Also, you’ll find a lot of replacement parts for table saws online. When you’re shopping around for a new table saw and find something that you like, do a Google search and see which accessories are available. The availability of accessories (or lack thereof) may factor into your buying decision!

Finally Deciding On A Saw

We really hope this guide has gone a long way in helping you choose a great table saw model. It’s easy to get caught up with specs, features, and all the bells and whistles; many of which you might never have a need for. Keep the focus on the type of work you’ll be doing, and let that be the main influence on the type of saw you buy.

One thing that might be worth spending extra on is safety features, especially if you’re a beginner woodworker. It only takes a split second for the spinning teeth of a saw blade of inflict a life-changing injury. Even if you are very careful and experienced with table saws, you might not be the only person using it.

At some point in the future you might find yourself training an apprentice, or just doing someone a favor and letting them use your saw to cut up some boards. You don’t want to injure yourself, but you won’t want to see anyone else injured either. Some of the best safety features, like flesh sensors, can prevent serious injury but won’t be found on budget-friendly models.

There’s a lot to be considered before investing in a table saw. But spending the time to make a wise buying decision will bring you peace of mind and pleasure in your woodworking ventures.

Thank you for reading and leave a comment below to let us know what model you finally went with.



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