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A shovel is one of the most basic tools every household has for a variety of tasks around the yard. Having the best shovel in your tool arsenal is a godsend for digging, treasure hunting, gardening, shoveling snow, garbage, grain, gravel, or practically any lose material.

We say best shovel because continually working with a shovel that’s too long, too heavy or just badly designed, can cause you back pain and recurring injuries.

The Best Shovel (Comparison)

PictureNamePriceOur Rating Out Of 5Approximate LengthApproximate WeightWarranty
Fiskars Long Handle Digging Shovel$$4.857.5 Inches6.3 PoundsLifetime
Fiskars Garden Shovel $$4.849 Inches4.4 PoundsLifetime
Fiskars D-handle Transplanting Spade$4.647 Inches4 Pounds5 Years
True Temper Round Point Digging Shovel$$4.457 Inches3.5 Pounds5 Years
Lesche Metal Detecting Shovel$$$$4.837 Inches2.5 PoundsLifetime Limited Warranty
Ergonomic Scoop Shovel$$$$$4.752 Inches5.25 PoundsN/A
Best Shovel For Camping by LESHPLESHP Foldable Shovel$$$$$4.815 Inches1.6 PoundsLifetime
Garden Weasel Edge Chopper$4.538 Inches3 PoundsLifetime
Spear Head Spade Model SHFD2$$$4.941 Inches3.5 PoundsLifetime
True Temper - 1564400$4.539.5 Inches3.3 PoundsLifetime

Best Shovel For Digging

Fiskars 9668 Long Handle Digging Shovel

Fiskars seems to have it all; great price, steel handles, and durable industrial quality strength. The design is a closed-back with a 14-gaugebest shovel by fiskars pre-sharpened steel blade to give maximum service in every job application especially digging.

The 18-gauge steel handle is reliable and tough with no worry of it breaking or flexing while on the job. Ease and convenience is provided by the teardrop shape of the handle with the blade solidly welded into it.

Professionals, DIY gardeners and landscapers will find this tool sturdy, reliable and easy to use for long periods without muscle fatigue.

What People Say

Owners find it an “amazing shovel” with comfortable foot pads they can even “jump” on when digging. This shovel has received loads of fantastic reviews.

The Good

The teardrop design of the 18-guage steel handle is tough, reliable, and comfortable. The welded blade to the handle does away with any worry of them coming apart on the job.

The Bad

The weight at 6.3 pounds can be a little heavy for more petite people.



Best Shovel For The Money

Fiskars D-Handle Garden Spade

The Fiskars 3141 has a pre-sharpened 14-gauge steel blade continuously welded to an 17-gauge steel teardrop designed handle. This kind ofD-Handle Garden Spade fiskers sturdy design expects nothing less than maximum reliability in performing jobs like digging, shoveling gravel, and more. Less fatigue and more comfort on the part of the user is brought about by the ergonomic D-handle.

Digging trenches and holes are heavy jobs that need a strong tool to handle soil, heavy rocks, tree roots, and more. Professional and DIY gardeners will find this shovel more than capable of handling any heavy-duty gardening work without having to worry about blade bending and breaking while on the job.

What People Say

Owners of the shovel found it to be an excellent all rounder. One user found it the ideal tool to use in digging out a hole in the hard soil of Arizona without even having to use a pickaxe to loosen the soil.

The Good

The tough blade that is welded firmly to the steel handle is the best feature. The affordable price for a sturdy tool like this makes for a sound investment and a wonderful addition to everyone’s tool kit.

The Bad

Some people worry whether the plastic D-handle will last as long as the rest of the shovel.



Best Shovel For Digging Post Holes

Fiskars D-handle Transplanting Spade

Digging up bulbs or deep and small holes needs Fiskars 46 inch steel D-handle. This shovel is made of welded steel that won’t bend, flex orBest Shovel For Digging Post Holes break like wooden or fiberglass handles.

The D-handle design is big enough to accommodate two hands while digging along with excellent control given by the shaft in the teardrop shape. Hard soil can easily be broken by the sharp blade along with the big foot platform to get extra leverage while digging.

Being welded directly to the shaft makes for a sturdy blade and the powder coating of the whole shovel makes it rust-proof and easy to clean. Precise jobs such as digging plant holes are much easier with the low-profile spade head.

DIY garden enthusiasts, as well as professional gardeners, can easily dig precise holes and cut through roots using the sharp blade. The big D handle is an ergonomic design meant to ease muscle fatigue resulting in more time spent digging.

What People Say

The all metal blade and shaft that allows plenty of leverage without the fear of breakage and bending is the single factor that has satisfied most owners of this tool.

If digging post holes is something you come up against on a regular basis, then this really is one of the best shovels you could invest in.

The Good

Hardy, reliable, and perfectly designed for digging post holes and hard soil would be the benefits of this Fiskars transplanting spade. The beautiful design and great color will make this shovel stand out from any others that might be resting in your shed.

The Bad

The main complaint is the pre-sharpened claim which many users felt it wasn’t. A lot of buyers had to take extra time to sharpen the blade before using it.



Best Cheap Shovel For All Round Use

True Temper Forged Digging Shovel

The True Temper has a round point forged steel blade with comfortable step for secure foot leverage while digging. The cushioned end gripTrue Temper Digging Shovel reduces hand and back fatigue while on the job. The handle is made of 45-inch hardwood to make it a durable digging tool.

The True Temper has a long and tough handle that can work for both men and women who are enthusiastic about their gardens. However, it may not be up to par when used professionally in heavy construction work applications.

What People Say

Home gardeners love the flexibility and the sturdiness of the True Temper especially when they see that it’s U.S. made. However, the wooden handle will come under pressure with heavy-duty digging. Not all owners were impressed with the sturdiness or ergonomics of this shovel and would advise people to go with one of the better rated brands.

The Good

The True Temper has the cheapest price tag from its competitors.

The Bad

The wooden handle is not sturdy enough for deep root digging. The tip of the blade tends to bend quickly when used to dig gravel.


5 years.

Best Shovel For Metal Detecting

Lesche Heavy Duty Metal Detecting Shovel with Serrated Blade

Treasure hunters absolutely love this shovel from Lesche. Gone are the days of getting down on your knees to dig a big messy hole with aMetal Detecting Lesche hand shovel. The Lesche is lightweight, comfortable, super strong and performs great in all types of ground conditions.

Avid metal detectors will love the serrated blade that easily breaks through foliage and rids the soil of roots and other vegetation. Tough and stony digging areas are made easy with this 31-inch shovel that’s made with aircraft quality material.

What People Say

The Lesche 1V is a resounding success with owners who make comments like “cut through the dirt like butter”, or ask why other people have to resort to using a hand trowel when this is available and makes digging so easy. The vast majority of treasure hunters who use this shovel would recommend it to others.

The Good

Very well designed, lightweight and extremely strong.

The Bad

Some users find that the foot post is a little narrow and can hurt the foot with prolonged use.


Five years.

Best Shovel For Snow

Ergonomic Snow Scoop with 360-degree Rotating Center Handle

Not much work is more backbreaking than scooping up wet snow. The Ergonomic Scoop Shovel makes this heavy work much easier with aErgonomic Snow shovel design that increases your digging power. The 360-degree rotational grip helps to balance the load and reduce stress on your body.

Shifting ice and slush is some of the toughest work you can put a shovel through. This shovel stands up to that heavy workload with a fiberglass shaft, a polypropylene built head and grip housing made of aluminum.

The Ergonomic Scoop Shovel is not just build for snow, it also does a great job at shifting grain, fertilizers, sand, trash or practically any pile that needs moving in a hurry.

What People Say

Owners are not happy with the Ergonomic snow/grain/debris scoop shovel with a handle that easily snaps at the blade after a couple of days use. The satisfaction level among the customers from 1 – 10 would likely be 7.5.

The Good

The ergonomic handle increases scooping power while reducing stress on the wrist and back. The steel edge protection for the head makes shoveling efficient with a design that is lightweight and durable.

The Bad

The only bad point people seem to find is its higher price compared with other snow scooping shovels.


Lifetime limited warranty.

Best Shovel For Camping

LESHP Foldable, Multifunctional Camping Shovel With Tool Kit

Camping is fun family activity that hones your kid’s survival instincts. The smartest way to work around a campsite is to have your toolsShovel For Camping by LESHP close at hand. The LESHP Foldable Shovel is a handy tool that can be carried on your belt and used to carry out a variety of tasks like digging out fire pits, digging for freshwater springs, hammering steaks and clearing dense brush.

The LESHP isn’t just a shovel that can be neatly folded away, it is also made of the highest quality materials. So when it comes to cutting, digging, shoveling, picking, chopping, hammering, sawing – down to even opening bottles – the LESHP will serve you well.

The non-slip grip handle allows you to adjust the shovel’s length. The spade with angles between 90 or 180 degrees can also be used as a hoe.

Camping or hiking enthusiasts will find this a much-needed tool that gives you all the ease and comfort while getting back to nature. Since it is foldable, it can be safely tucked away at the waist using the included waist pack.

What People Say

It is thumbs-up all the way for the LESHP. Owners are happy with the top quality and some even use it for metal detecting.

The Good

Practical, durable, compact, lightweight and folds away nice and neat for carrying in a backpack or storing away.

The Bad

There’s nothing bad to report. Owners of this shovel just love it for camping.


Contact directly with the manufacturer.

Best Shovel For Edging

Garden Weasel Edge Chopper

Sculpted edges make your lawn and grassy areas look clean and professional. Careful planning, attention to detail, and a great edge chopperBest Shovel For Edging by Garden Weasel can give you the razor-sharp edges your neighbors will admire.

The Garden Weasel Edge Chopper is a precision tool when it comes to achieving picture-perfect edges for the garden, lawn, curbsides, and driveways. It provides great leverage with the extra large foot plate and the blade made of carbon steel works in any season of soil condition.

The 38 inch height is comfortable for almost all body types and its heavy-duty construction makes it a tough tool to dig through rocky soil or clay.

The ergonomic design of the tool considerably reduces back pain brought about by straining or bending. A little foot power combined with the Edge Chopper is all you need to create sculpted, razor-sharp grass edges.

DIY and professional landscapers can effortlessly renovate gardens, garden beds, grounds, and lawns to make them showcases  that give clarity to the landscape.

What People Say

Yard work can be messy and hard which makes owners appreciate the help of the durable Garden Weasel Edge Chopper. Users have termed it as a “top quality garden tool”, “amazing” to use for edging garden beds, and “perfect for the task” to dig through roots and hard soil.

The Good

Great all round design and foot leverage with the extra large, centered foot plate. Sturdy blade made of carbon steel will last long into the future.

The Bad

If you have a very large area to be edged it can be quite a lot of work compared with using a gas or electric edger. The foot loop could be bigger, if you have a size 12 boot or bigger, it’ll be a bit of a tight fit.



Best Shovel For Gardening

Spear Head Spade Gardening Shovel

Digging is just plain old hard work which the Spear Head Spade makes a lot easier with its “patent pending” blade that automatically seeksShovel For Gardening by Spear Head Spade out areas of least resistance. The auto-seek ability of the high carbon manganese steel blade makes even the most challenging soil conditions easy.

The blades are pre-sharpened, 25% harder, and 33% thicker than other blades on similar shovels. Epoxy resin coats the entire blade making it rust-proof and easy to clean.

The large foot plate makes digging more comfortable with the extra leverage. The handle is made of reinforced fiberglass and the cushioned D-grip is easy on the hand.

This shovel is a great all rounder handling everything from construction jobs to gardening tasks.

What People Say

Garden enthusiasts have high praises for the Spear Head that has given them an “awesome” experience. On a satisfaction level from 1-10, the Spear Head gets 9.8.

The Good

A hybrid design of spade and shovel that is ergonomic, light, and durable. The fiberglass handles are one of the toughest design and the manganese steel blades make easy work of tough clay and compacted soil.

The Bad

This shovel is not a one fix for all soil conditions. If you’re digging in hard clay with rocks, you’ll still probably have to break out the pick axe.


Limited product warranty.

Best Shovel For Short People

True Temper – True American Shovel

The True Temper is a well-built shovel with a steel tempered blade and 30 Inch hardwood handle. The D shape handle is ergonomic andBest Shovel For Short People by True Temper designed to accommodate a gloved hand.

This is a heavy-duty shovel which performs well in tough clay and hard rocky soil. Foot placement is comfortable with the True Temper Round Point thanks to its forward turned step which provides good leverage.

The shovel is advertised as being good value for homeowners that do any gardening or landscaping.

What People Say

Female gardeners are big fans of this shovel due to its shorter length. People also find this a great shovel the store away in your car or truck for camping.

The Good

The True Temper is sturdy, easy to use and decent all-round shovel. It is especially useful for people under 5 foot 5 in height.

The Bad

It is not a full length shovel and taller users will struggle with it..



Choosing The Best Shovel For Your Needs

The Length And Height Of A Shovel

The jury is still out on the total length a shovel should be for the best ease of use. Bending and back strain is considerably reduced when the length of a shovel – stood straight up next to you – comes roughly to the middle of your chest.

The standard length of a shovel’s shaft is around 28-inches and this suits people who are between 5 foot 5 inches tall and 5 foot 9 inches tall. If you’re shorter than 5 foot 5 then a shaft length of 26 inches would suit you better. If you are taller than 5 foot 9 then a 34 inch or taller shaft would be best. Shovel lengths go up to about a maximum of 72 inches.

Different types of work are also a factor to determine the length a shovel should be. A length between the height of the chest and elbow works well for gardening. A chest height length is good for shoveling snow. And some people prefer a shorter handle for shoveling coal.

The Blade’s Shape And Size

Materials to be shoveled are the determinants for selecting the right shape and size of the blade. Larger sized blades work best for material with less density. Dry earth, digging, moving piles of soil, plantings, and sand is better handled with round or triangular blades.

Ore, coal, soil, sawdust, gravel, debris and other materials that are coarsely-grained are efficiently worked with square blades. Hard earth digging that needs foot pressure is best handled with a rolled step on the top of the blade.

The Shovel’s Weight

The weight of the shovel can be the difference between working efficiently and comfortably for long periods or breaking your back for only a short time. Lighter weight shovels work better for jobs like snow shoveling. Sturdier and heavier shovels are better for heavier material like coal.

Open back shovels have the lowest weight and the lowest price, making them the most popular choice among most DIYers and gardeners. The closed back models have medium weight designed with a closed or flat back because of the addition of a welded plate. The added plate gives the shovel strength.

Forged shovels are regarded as the best design as they are crafted from one piece of steel which providing strong and thick blades, sockets, and shanks. The varied thickness of the steel cannot be made through the process of stamping. The forged blades excellently support crucial stress locations as it thins out at the edges, giving this design a cutting edge above the rest.

There is no cut and dried answer when it comes to choosing the best shovel for your needs. The two main issues are usually the type of work you’ll be doing and your body’s size.

Here are some questions to help you make your mind up:

Does The Shovel Fit Your Height?

How a shovel matches up to your height is an important factor. Leverage is lost and strain increases when the shaft is too long for your height. On the other hand, a shorter shaft for a tall person results in back pain. As a rule of thumb, get a shovel that reaches midway up your chest.

Does The Shovel Fit Your Hands?

Grip comfort should always be considered. T or D-grip handles are ergonomic designs to give ease and comfort on the hands. The T-grip is a better option for bigger hands while the D-grip suits normal or smaller hands.

Does The Shovel Fit Your Strength And Body Type?

If you’re strong and digging in hard rocky soil with a long shovel that has a light wooden handle, it’ll probably snap right in front of your face. Also, if you’re digging out soft flowerbeds with a 6 pound, 55 inch shovel you’re also not doing yourself any favors.

Does The Shovel Fit Your Budget?

Prices don’t get too insane when you talk about shovels. You can choose from a range of the best shovels on the market for $50 and below. Some shovels can be upwards of $100, but more often than not they come with features that are more novelty than necessity.

Does The Shovel Fit The Job?

The shape of the blade is important when considering the work you’ll be doing. Blades with square mouths are ideal for scooping snow and other loose material like grain, fertilizer or sand.

Flat blades are designed for digging. Blades made of plastic are best to use for grain and dry snow. Blades made from aluminum are great for simple gardening and other light to medium shoveling jobs. The steel blade is the best to consider when the work involves shoveling heavier material or heavy digging in rocky ground.

We really hope this guide will help you find the best shovel that you’ll actually enjoy using on a regular basis.

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