Best Router Table Reviews

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This guide is here to help you in your quest to find the best router table to perfectly suit your needs. Here you’ll find critiques of the very best router tables and all the critical information you need to help make an informed buying decision. We will also discuss the essential elements you need to consider before purchasing a router table.

Router Table Comparison Chart

PictureNamePriceOur Rating Out Of 5DimensionsTypeWarranty
best router table by boschBosch RA1181 Benchtop Router Table $$4.427 in x 18 inBenchtop1 year limited warranty + 1 year service protection plan
best router table by skilSKIL RAS900 Router Table $$4.526 in x 16 ½Benchtop3 years limited warranty
best router table by bench dogBench Dog 40-001 Router Table $$$4.416 in x 22 inBenchtop2 years warranty
best router table by craftsmanRouter Table Craftsman $4.5334 sq. Inn/d1 year limited warranty
best router table by kregKreg PRS2100 Bench Top Router Table $$$4.416 in x 24BenchtopLifetime Warranty
best router table kit by boschBosch 1617EVSPK Router Table Kit$$$$4.8n/dBenchtop1 year limited warranty
best router table for cabinets by boschBosch RA1171 Cabinet Style Router Table $$4.325 ½ inches x 14 ½ inches‘cabinet style’1 year limited warranty
best router table for percision by kregKreg PRS1045 Precision Router Table System $$$$$4.824 inches x 32 inchesFree standingLifetime warranty
best router table stand by kregKreg KRS1035 Router Table Stand $$4.627 ¾ inches x 19 ¾ inchesFree standingLifetime warranty
best router table extension by bench dogBench Dog 40-102 Router Table Extension$$$4.727 inches x 16 inchesBenchtopLimited lifetime warranty

If you’ve been doing woodworking for a while, investing in a router table is a definite next step to improve and hone your skills. A great router table, paired with a handheld router, is a must especially if you want to create ornate and complex shapes with wood. They also help in easing the stress on your arms when working for long hours as the router is held stationary on the table.

A router table also allows you to do precision cutting work which can’t be done with handheld routers which are primarily designed to cut either straight lines or simple geometric shapes.

With a router table,  the crafting of intricate pieces of wood are possible because you can maneuver the wood as needed without having to adjust the router time and again.

Router tables are also handy as they don’t require much cleaning up or maintenance. Dusting can be done by simply vacuuming the bit assembly from the table’s top. The mechanism attaching the router to the table is also easy to operate thus making maintenance and adjustments very easy.

Router tables are sold as either benchtops or free standing and are made out of different types of materials. They usually retail for as low as $100 to a couple of hundred dollars depending on the brand and model. With all these considerations, it might be hard to choose which router table might be a perfect fit for you.

The Best Router Table (Top Selling Models)

Bosch RA1181 Benchtop Router Table

The Bosch RA1181 is a benchtop router table that is compatible with most routers. It accepts router bits of up to about 3 ½ inches inbosch Benchtop Router Table diameter. It includes two adjustable featherboards, a dust collection port, and a six-foot power cord.

It also comes with a 4 7/8-inch aluminium fence with MDF plates and an aluminium router mounting plate. This router table’s work surface measures 27 inches by 18 inches.

Most users found the Bosch router table to be great for detailed work. Owners of this table found it to perform even after years of use.

Some people who bought this table found that the inserts tend to break off leading to the inside bore being caught in the cutter itself.

SKIL RAS900 Router Table

The SKIL RAS900 is a benchtop router table equipped with two storage containers. It also has two featherboards to helprouter table by skil with storage containers guide the workpiece for more accurate cutting. The router table also has a tall fence with adjustable laminated MDF faces.

Another handy feature is the quick-release router mount that attaches and detaches in seconds. This router table has an efficient folding design. The table comes pre-assembled with minimal setup needed and legs folded for storage.

The router table’s folding capabilities seem to  catch users’ attention the most. Since most who bought this table are only hobbyists they like how it doesn’t take up too much space when not in use as it can be neatly folded away.

Owners were also impressed with the range of accessories that came with the router table. However, they commented on how the build quality could be better. An example given was the table’s not so sturdy legs. But overall they found the router table well-designed and compact. The table is mostly geared towards occasional users.

Bench Dog 40-001 Benchtop Router Table

The next one on our list is the Bench Dog 40-001. The working surface measures 16 inches by 22 inches, a bit smaller than the previousbest router table by bench dog ones’. It is a compact and portable router table packed with full-sized features.

It comes equipped with a 22-inch ProFence with integral 2 ½-inch dust port and an aluminium miter accessory track. The bench Dog 40-00 comes with a two-year limited warranty.

Users found nothing much to complain about with this router table. They mention how the one-piece fence simplifies setting it up and the subfences adjust easily making zero clearance work straightforward.

owners also liked how the table was lightweight at just 35 pounds, enough to move it around the shop as when needed. They also said that nothing comes close to this one in terms of solid build and quality in its price range.

Some people even purchased the Bench Dog table as a second working table as it compares to higher end router tables with its great overall quality.

Best Router Table For The Money

Router Table Craftsman

This Craftsman table is an affordable and versatile tool for the everyday woodworker. It retails at a low price and is compatible to threered craftsman Router Table router sizes (1 ¼ inches, 1 ½ inches and 1 ¾ inches).

It also features a 5/8 inch tabletop with a laminated surface that ensures a smooth workspace. It is equipped with an adjustable and multi-functional fence which extends to up to 23 5/8 inches. This Craftsman router table offers about 334 sq. inches as workspace.

Owners of the product recommend it for people who are fairly new to woodworking. But it can also be used by professionals for heavy work as it is securely bolted down to a surface to keep it in place and solid. However, some owners were a bit wary of this router table’s plastic molded legs.

Best Benchtop Router Table

Kreg PRS2100 Bench Top Router Table

The Kreg PRS2100 is a benchtop router table with a working surface of 16 inches by 24 inches made of MDF and features an easy-slideblue Benchtop Router Table Kreg surface. It has an industrial-quality fence which is equipped with adjustable faces, a dust collection mechanism and vertical jointing clamps.

It also has a full-size router insert plate with precision plate levelers. It features a wide stance heavy-duty steel stand which increases the table’s stability.  

Most people who bought the product weren’t professional woodworkers but found the Kreg router table to be very sturdy and nice looking.

However, they found the fence to be lackluster at best as it flops all over the place until tightened. But overall, they found this router table to be a good alternative to the bigger and more expensive tables.

Best Router Table Combo

(No longer available as a combo)

Bosch 1617EVSPK

This next Bosch on our list is a combination as it includes the router itself in the package. The package includes an electronic variable speedRouter Table Combo Bosch plunge and fixed base router kit which can be used in speeds of 8,000 to 25,000 rpm.

The accompanying table includes a fixed base with system for adjusting bit height from above the router table, precision centering makes it easy to keep the bit on the intended cutline when using jigs and templates. It retails for a very reasonable price considering it’s a full set.

This product seems to be popular with homeowners who use it in moderation. They liked the powerful 2HP motor on the router and the soft start feature which makes it easy for them to control the body when working.

Not to mention the router is lightweight which will definitely save you muscle strain. Overall, users are very satisfied with this router and table combo set and hadn’t faced much problems when working with it.

Best Router Table For Cabinet Making

Bosch RA1171 Cabinet Style Router Table

Here we have another one of Bosch on our list. This time it’s a cabinet style router table equipped with a tall aluminum fence with adjustablebosch Cabinet Style Router Table MDF face plates. It also boasts of a rigid aluminum router mounting plate which stays flat ensuring accuracy.

This relatively smaller router table also has two dust collection ports for standard vacuum hoses. The Bosch RA1171 router table measures 25 ½ inches by 14 ½ inches and weighs 42 pounds.

Experienced users and hobbyists alike, found this router table strongly built and easy to assemble. They comment on how top notch the construction of the table is. They also liked how the product can be used after only about 35 to 45 minutes of assembly. Others also commented how the Bosch router table is just the perfect size. Some owners have used this router table to help them restore old Victorian furniture.

Best Router Table For Precision

Kreg PRS1045 Router Table System

Another Kreg router table makes our list here. But this time it’s a free standing type table, which is also a complete router system. It includesKreg Router Table System the PRS3090 Caster, the PRS3020 True-Flex, the PRS3100 Router Table Switch, some PRS3400 set-up bars and a KRS7850 router table stop.

It boasts of a heavy-duty, customizable and easily-adjustable steel stand. Not only that it also features a high-performance table top with a precise insert-plate system.

People who bought the router table system are happy to have purchased it despite the higher price. One woodworking newbie commented on how the confidence of his skills increased with this router table system as it was easy to use and really helped with his woodworking confidence.

According to many who bought it, the good work done using the system paid for the hefty price tag in no time. They also commented about how the product ‘oozes’ quality. Their only complaint is the complexity of assembling the entire setup and the general vagueness of the instruction manual which didn’t help much.

Best Router Table Stand

Kreg KRS1035 Router Table Stand

The Kreg KRS1035 Router Table Stand is made of a gauge steel construction designed for heavy-duty work. It can be adjusted in height fromRouter Table Stand Kreg 29 inches to 35 inches.

The product included four stable leveling feet that are easy to assemble. It has a durable power-coat finish. The workspace’s dimensions are 27 ¾ inches by 19 ¾ inches.

The product is well-reviewed by its users. Some buyers were so impressed they bought five stands for use with different power tools.

Similar to previous Kreg products, this stand is also described by users as being very sturdy and easy to assemble. Most users also commended the product’s great looking finish.

Best Router Table Extension

Bench Dog 40-102 Cast Iron Router Table Extension

This Bench Dog Router Table Extension fits all contractor grade table saws that have 27 inches deep by 1 ½ inches thick cast iron tables. Itbench dog Cast Iron Router Table Extension includes a ProFence which quickly dismounts and hangs on provided j-hooks. This Bench Dog extension is marketed towards small shops and comes with a large enough price tag.

Users generally are pleased with this Bench Dog router table extension. They recommend this to people who would like to utilize their shops space and get router table functionality from their table saw.

They deem the overall quality to be good given the price point it’s in and like the cast iron finish of the product which they think is better than similar products with a steeper price tag.

Router Table Buying Guide

If you’re unfamiliar with how router tables work, take a quick look at this router table illustration by Wonkee Tools

Benchtop Or Free standing?

First of all, you might want to decide first if you want a free standing or benchtop router table. Benchtop router tables are easier to transport from workplace to workplace as they are usually smaller and lighter. They are designed to be used on top of another flat surface such as another table or workbench.

They come with brackets which allows them be securely fixed to a table top. Meanwhile, free standing router tables are the opposite. They can be used alone as tables and have removable legs allowing them to be used as benchtop router tables.

What Are Router Tables Made From?

Another thing to consider is the router table’s material. Most enthusiasts recommend buying router tables made of medium-density fireboard (MDF). Most router tables are made out of this material. Although not the sturdiest of materials, MDF router tables are capable of providing years of use with light to medium workloads.

The Router Table Top And Surface

It is also important to make sure that you pick a router table with a perfectly flat and rigid table surface. This is because even minor irregularities on the surface of the table can lead to uneven edge outputs and the like. To maintain this rigidity, the router table top should also be at least 1 inch thick. Aside from rigidity, make sure that the table top is surfaced with melamine which provides primary protection. Most table tops are made of MDF but nothing beats hefty cast iron surface for its flatness and durability.

The Router Table Base Plate

Don’t forget to check out the base plate of the router table you’re eyeing to buy. Similar to the surface, the plate should be also flat and rigid. The plate should always remain flat as it is supporting the weight of the router itself.

Good materials for the plate are solid phenolic and machined aluminium. Aside from the material, another thing important with the plate is that it determines compatibility with the router. Some router tables are designed to handle a bunch of router sizes. But beware of those offering a one-size-fits-all option as it entails a weaker attachment due to many holes.

The Router Table Fence

One of the most important parts of a router table is the fence which keeps the wood in place. In its simplest form, the fence consists of just a straight piece of lumber attached on the surface of the table.

But there are also more elaborate ones equipped with incremental positioning mechanisms. There are two types of fences: one-piece fences and two-piece (split) fence. The latter has two separate and adjustable sections which allow users to use the router table to join a straight edge on a board.

On the other hand, a one-piece fence is one solid, straight piece. Both types have their own setbacks so some experts recommend a ‘best-of-both’ solution in the form of a sturdy one-piece fence frame equipped with split sub-fences.

Best Router Table Surface Size

Last but not the least, you might want to look into the surface dimensions of the router table. Generally, a larger workspace is ideal and preferred by most woodworkers. On average, you might need either a 24 x 32 which is in the midground of router table sizes or a smaller 24 x 27.

Router Table Maintenance

As with any of your other tools, cleaning and maintenance is a vital part in ensuring that your tools last for years. As said earlier routers and router tables entail a fairly simple maintenance routine. Here’s a short video tutorial from Test of Machine’s YouTube channel to help you visualize the proper cleaning of router tables.


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