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If you’re in the market for the best log splitter, then you are about to invest a fair amount of money in a wood cutting machine for your backyard of workshop. Before spending a large amount of money on a power tool, it is extremely important that you inform yourself so you will invest your money wisely and make the best buying decision for your needs.

In this best log splitter buying guide we will discuss all the important aspects and buying considerations so you will make the right buying decision first time round.

These are machines that use great strength, which is measured in tonnage, in order to chop wood. It uses a wedge to split wood pieces of various widths and sizes. It is a great alternative to manual wood chopping with an axe as it is faster and more efficient. Thus, it is ideal for homeowners who constantly use wood in their households for the fireplace or other purposes.

Best Log Splitter (Comparison Table)


Top Rated Log Splitters

Boss Industrial ES7T20 Electric Log Splitter, 7-Ton

If you’re looking for a splitter which is easy to operate yet still powerful and compact, then a good pick is the BossBoss Industrial red log splitter Industrial Electric Log Splitter. It is operated with just a flick of a switch and generates 7 tons of splitting force. This 2 HP splitter is suitable for splitting small to medium-sized logs of up to 10 inches in diameter. It weighs about 106 pounds and uses a standard 15 amp 115v circuit.

Users were surprised by the power of this Boss Industrial log splitter as it was able to split logs of 12 inches in diameter with ease even though it is advertised to only being able to handle 10 inches max.

They are also pleased with the price of this reliable tool which is able to split tough wood pieces. Another advantage is that there is no need to change hydraulic oil or petrol as this splitter is powered by electricity.

Champion Power Equipment 90720, 7 Ton Compact, Portable Log Splitter

This machine lives up to its great reputation by having a fast cycle time of about 180 cycles per hour. Despite beingChampion Power Equipment yellow and black log splitter lightweight, it is capable of handling up to 19.3 inches in length and 50 lbs in weight. It is also equipped with ‘never-flat’ tires making it portable and durable.

Homeowners who bought the Champion Power  are pleased to find that the product is very portable and  it over delivers when it comes to splitting power. One user commented on how the log splitter was able to cut through tree logs measuring 3 feet diameter at the base.

However, this log splitter is not best suited for commercial work. A splitter with a higher tonnage would be recommended for heavy and prolonged work loads.

Dirty Hand Tools, 22 Ton Horizontal & Vertical Gas Log Splitter

This machine is a powerhouse when it comes to splitting logs. The tool puts out 22 tons of force enabling it to easily split logs of 25Dirty Hand Tools, 22 Ton log splitter inches in length at a very impressive cycle time of 10.9 seconds. This splitter also offers versatility by enabling it to be used in both vertical and horizontal positions. Its 6.5 gallon tank is also pre-filled with hydraulic fluid for the user’s convenience. These great features are still made greater by a 3 year warranty.

One user described this log splitter with the phrase ‘splits like a dream’. And he isn’t alone. Other users only had great things to say about this machine’s reliability, sturdy build and impressive splitting power.

The machine was able to deliver despite being fed gnarly and knotted logs. Thus, it is no wonder that people who bought this model found their steep investment to be worth every cent.

Best Electric Log Splitter

Pow’ R’ Kraft, 4-Ton, 15 Amp Electric Log Splitter

This electric log splitter gives 4 tons splitting power from its dependable 1,500 watt electric motor. It can cut throughPow' R' Kraft, 4-Ton Log Splitter wood of up to 20 inches in length and 10 inches in diameter. It is also equipped with a ground fault breaker which prevents the danger of overload. The machine weighs about 105 lbs.

Based on user reviews, the Pow’R Kraft is ‘a little engine that could’. It never ‘chugged, bogged, or stalled’ despite being fed logs of 20 inches in diameter which is double the capacity advertised for the product.

However, some of the people who bought it complain that the wedge does not seem to go back fully to its original place after every cycle.

Best Gas Log Splitter

Champion Power Equipment, Gas Powered, 25-Ton Log Splitter

Another one of Champions Power’s makes our list here. This machine features a 12-second cycle time and can cut up wood pieces of up toyellow colored Champion Power, 25 Ton, Log Splitter 23.8 inches in length and up to 100 lbs of weight. This splitter comes with Champion Power Equipment’s 2-year limited warranty and free technical support for life.

This log splitter can easily switch between horizontal and vertical operation to manage larger log sizes and it’s designed to be towed by most ATVs.

Owners commented on how this log splitter can easily chop up oak logs of diameters of up to 36 inches. They also recommended using the vertical orientation for more heavy duty tasks while the horizontal orientation was great for light work.

Another thing they love is the machine’s easy set up which most found quick and easy.

Best Manual Log Splitter

Ytl International, 10-Ton Manually Operated Log Splitter

The Ytl International is your basic manual machine. It is operated using two steel handles and can be used to splitYtl International, 10-Ton Log Splitter logs up to 18 inches in length.

This manual log splitter also has two wheels and weighs around 90.3 lbs making it handy enough for transporting. It is also one of the cheapest splitters in this list making it suitable for homeowners who don’t use log splitters often and are not willing to put out several hundred dollars.

Users generally didn’t face problems when operating this machine except for the times they tried overloading it with bigger types of wood.

As with manual splitters, this model sometimes goes on hunches but all you need to do is stop for a while before getting back to splitting wood.

Best Log Splitter for the Money

Sun Joe, 10 Ton Hydraulic Log Splitter

This two-handle manual hydraulic splitter promises to bring out the inner Paul Bunyan in you by splitting large logsSun Joe, 10 Ton Log Splitter with ease. This Sun Joe model is capable of generating up to 10 tons of driving force to cut through firewood of up to 18 inches in length and 8 inches in diameter.

Coming with a 2-year warranty, it is made of durable steel construction ensuring its continued performance through the changes in seasons.

Users were disappointed that although the log splitter was advertised as being able to split logs of 18 inches max in length it only worked well for logs measuring 16 inches. They also didn’t like how slow this machine’s cycle time is. So if you’re looking for a fast splitter you should look into other types such as gas and electric.

Log Splitter Buying Guide

Chopping firewood for the cold winter days may seem like a romantic idea reminiscent of simpler times. Well, that is until you’re hands turn numb after hours of chopping away with a heavy axe. Now that’s not you’re idea of a winter wonderland, is it? But no worries. You can still enjoy the nostalgia of wood chopping without the exhaustion by turning to log splitters.

These machines are also used with chainsaws and wood chippers but are not to be used as an alternative to the two tools. Chainsaws are usually used to cut up bigger blocks of wood into manageable pieces before feeding them into the machine.

Log splitters, being bigger tools, are also quite expensive. And given their uses in the home, may be a good investment to have as a homeowner. Thus, it is important that you know which type of splitter would best suit your needs.

In this guide, we have gathered the most important things you need to consider when choosing your next, or your first log splitter.

Things To Consider When Looking For The Best Log Splitter

Before you go browsing online stores or going to your neighborhood hardware store for a log splitter, here are the things you need to think about first.

The very reason you’re probably getting a splitting machine is to eliminate the hard work that comes with manual wood chopping. So one of the most important features of a log splitter you need to look into is the power of its motor and its splitting range. It’s also important to learn how to properly use your log splitter to avoid injury and avoid damaging the machine itself.

You can ask at your local hardware store or read the specifications of the models online and check out the splitter’s total horsepower, splitting force and amps (if it’s electric). You’d also like to have a splitter that can accommodate bigger and wider pieces of wood for versatility and all around use.

A log splitter with a 20 inch length and 12 inch diameter is a good dimension to start with. But if you’ll need a machine that could handle pieces of wood that are bigger than this then you could go for the 25-inch high-powered splitters.

Log Splitter Portability

This is another factor you’ll need to consider. If you need a splitter to be moved around the backyard or garage, you should look for models which have built-in wheels for mobility. Log splitters also tend to be heavy machines. But if you want a lighter model you should look for an electric log splitter.

Log Splitter Cycle Time

It is also important that you consider how fast the machine is. The log splitter’s cycle time is the amount of time it takes for the ram to go back to the starting position after splitting.  Of course, a faster cycle time will mean faster log splitting. Most enthusiasts consider a 15-second cycle time to be a decent start.

Being on the expensive side going for upwards of a few hundred dollars, you’ll want your splitter to last you many years into the future. Most people recommend buying a splitter that’s built to last meaning it is made from sturdy and quality material. You could look for a model that is made entirely of steel construction to ensure longevity and a return on your investment.

Types Of Log Splitters

Given the above considerations, there is one more thing you need to keep in mind: the type of machine that would best fit your needs. There are four types:

Electric Log Splitters

These are the most popular type as they are comparably lighter and more portable than the other types of splitters. They are powered through an electrical cord so you should only buy an electric log splitter if you’ll be working in a place where there are sockets available nearby.

They are between manual and gas types in terms of price and performance. They are easy to operate only requiring the user to activate the drive rod in order to get the chopping started. Given its compact size and easy operation, electric log splitters are ideal for homeowners. They are also fairly easy to maintain in comparison to gas engines.

However, if you’re looking for a splitter for heavy work and with great splitting force, it would be better to consider a gas or hydraulic type.

Gas Log Splitters

These are the most powerful and sturdily-built of all types of splitters. Gas models range from having 7 to 35 tons of splitting power. Models having 60 tons of splitting power are also available. Such capacity makes them perfect for heavier work loads such as splitting cords.

They work through a cc engine powered by either petrol or gas. Its wedge is operated by hydraulics which makes it possible for it to cut through thick and solid pieces of wood. Most models function both horizontally or vertically, which eliminates the need for lifting heavy wood onto the machine.

Gas log splitters are ideal for both the home and work. Some models are also towable for easy transportation by car.

Manual Hydraulic Log Splitter

These splitters are not powered by electricity or gas. They are operated by manually pulling a lever which then activates the hydraulic press. Given this way of powering itself, they are ideal for people who only want to chop up small to medium-sized wood pieces. A manual hydraulic log splitter can only generate around 10 tons of splitting power. They are also very light and portable.

Manual Hand Log Splitter

However, the cheapest, lightest, most portable sort of splitter is the manual hand type. Some models are foot-powered while some rely on manpower or weight. All manual hand log splitters require a bit of exertion but are still more manageable than using an axe. They are best used for 10-12 inch diameter logs, enough for feeding a fireplace or a camp fire.


Log splitters are a great investment for homeowners who regularly need some wood chopped but these aren’t at all cheap.  So it is very important that you think through which model you’ll be getting before shelling out hundreds of dollars only to find out that it’s not the best log splitter to suit your needs.

As mentioned above, you need to consider factors such as cycle time, splitting force and of course the type and frequency of the work you’ll be doing. Different types of log splitters are applicable to different tasks.

We hope that this guide has been a great help for you in making your decision. If you have any questions or clarifications about some products on the list or specifications, you may leave a comment below and we’ll get back to you. In the meantime, it’s time to go out (or log in to your Amazon account) and browse through your choices. Happy splitting!

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