Best Drill Bits For Tile

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Working with power drills is a regular part of any DIY or construction project. But power isn’t always the best option when working with materials like ceramic or porcelain tiles.

Since power drills tend to have a high RPM, delicate drilling jobs like tile need different drill bits compared with for concrete or metal. But whether you’re drilling holes in glazed tiles for walls or unglazed floor tiles, your project needs that delicate touch that only the best drill bits for tile can deliver.

With the advent of e commerce, there are plenty of stores available online where you can buy drill bits. And if you like to get the product in your hands before you buy, you can always pick them up from your local hardware store. But the question remains, which drill bits are best?

You might think that any expensive drill bit set would do the job, but when it comes to drilling tile, only specific types of bits will get the best results. The best bits for tile are usually diamond tips and tungsten carbide tips. But this can still cost a bit extra, and if you’re looking for only a one-time use and do not care about the finish of the hole, you could just use a regular masonry bit.

That said, most people looking to drill tiles would be looking for something that provides a better finish and without rough edges. So, here are the best drill bits for tile that you can find today.

Best Drill Bit For Tile (our top picks)

Bosch GT3000 Glass and Tile Set 8PCS

The Bosch GT3000 is one of the best drill bits for tile and comes with 8 different drill bits. The drill bit is made outbest drill bits for tile by bosch of high quality carbide and comes with a reinforced head to protect the bit and ensure longevity of the product.

Also, this package comes with the most common drill bit sizes needed for any home project and these are – 1/8″, 3/16″, 1/4″, 5/16″, 3/8″, 1/2″, 5/8″ and 3/4″. The bits are high quality and can easily break through hard surfaces.

The secret to using these efficiently is to keep the drill on a low setting. Due to the special reinforced head, the drill bits get better traction than other similar products. After it drills itself a small space, you only need to guide it and hold it in place.

You don’t need to apply much pressure to drill as that only wears down the bit and hampers the quality of the work. The various sizes included take care of almost any drilling requirement you might have. However, if you’re looking to simply create a cut out or a larger hole, you can opt for any of the following two options.

In order to keep the bit cool during drilling you can add water, as it just helps to ensure that the drill head does not over heat. A small spray bottle will do the job. If you are doing continuous drilling, you can have someone give a little spray on the drill bit now and then.



BLENDX Diamond Drill Bits 10PCS

Blendx is currently the best seller in hole saw sets on Amazon and rightly so. This product comes with a pack of 10BLENDX Diamond Drill Bits drill bits. The product comes with the following bit sizes—6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 14mm, 16mm, 18mm, 22mm, 35m, 40mm, 50mm.

Unlike Bosch drill bits which are kind of a spear bit, these are diamond bits.  Even though these are extremely effective, they wear away faster and are quite expensive. Unless, these are used for commercial purposes, other cheaper alternatives can be used for home projects.

While using this drill water needs to be used for lubrication. If the hole is being drilled into the floor, then it is recommended to prepare a small boundary around the drill location with Plasticine and then fill the space with water.

Alternatively, you can also point the bit at a 45-degree angle while starting the drill procedure and as the drill progresses, you can pour water on the bit to keep it lubricated. A medium to low setting should always be used while using this bit and it preferable to use a variable setting drill. If you do not have a variable setting drill, it might not function at the best of its ability.


DrillPro Diamond Drill Bit Set 10PCS

Like the previous bits the DrillPro diamond is also a diamond core drill bit. It’s extremely versatile and comesDrillPro Drill Bits For Tile with ten bits – 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 16mm, 18mm, 20mm, 22mm and 30mm. While the Blendx package misses 12mm, 20mm and 30mm core bits, the DrillPro misses the larger core bits of 35mm, 40mm and 50mm.

The diamond core bits, also sometimes called glass or tile drill bits, can also be used to drill glass, ceramics, porcelain, ceramic tile, porcelain tile, limestone, slate, marble, granite, light stone, and fiberglass.

As is characteristic of hole saws, these bits help remove a complete circle from the material. Basically, these help remove a circular cut-out from objects such as glass, porcelain and tiles. They work well to create clear precise holes in a range of materials like marble, plastic, tile or glass.

These bits can be used with a standard drill, but for optimum performance, a variable speed drill should be used. This helps to adjust the power and speed of the drill in accordance with the depth and power you need. As otherwise, you run the risk of over-exposing the core bit and wearing it down in a hurry.



Tarvol’s 5 Piece Masonry Drill Bit Set

While a spearhead or diamond bit is extremely effective and precise for tiles and such, a carbide-steel strengthTarvol Drill Bits For Tile masonry bit like Tarvol’s performs fine as well. It lacks the high price tag of the previous products but also the finesse that a diamond bit provides.

The 5 piece masonry set includes 5/32″ 3/16″ 1/4″ 5/16″ and 3/8″ Bit Sizes. The bits are quite versatile performing well on soft surfaces like ceramic, porcelain and plastic, as well as harder surfaces such as brick, wood, metal and concrete.

They come with carbide tipped heads and Tarvol provides a manufacturer’s money-back guarantee as well.

The bits can be used with any regular drill bit and should work fine unless you’re using too much pressure which might wear down the heads and edges.



The Best Drill Bit For Tile – What To Look For

As a general rule, regular drill bits are a no no when it comes to drilling tile. They just aren’t strong enough to break through the tile’s hard surface and can often lead to cracked tiles and very rough, imprecise holes. Two types of bits that are strong enough and do a decent job are carbide-tipped bits and diamond-tipped bits.

Diamond-tipped bits are the strongest and also most expensive. But if you’re looking for that ultra-fine finish then they are the way to go. Carbide-tipped bits are are more than good enough for the vast majority of tile drilling jobs. Though, they are not as strong as diamond bits and won’t last as long.

Finding the best drill bit for the job doesn’t mean rushing out to buy the most expensive set you can find. You also need to use the right type of bits for the specific type of drilling you plan to do.

The first thing to be considered is the type of material you’ll be drilling. Since you are here we’ll assume you’re interested in drilling tile.

Tiles are usually made of stone or ceramic. But there are other kinds of tiles like glass and porcelain. The drill bits reviewed in this guide work great on any type of tile you’ll likely encounter.

Now, you will need to consider the type of hole you need. While a spear-head bit will drill you a deeper bore but with a less distinct finish on the outside, the diamond core adds a precise finish without the depth.

But both these bits are versatile and work well for glass, porcelain, ceramic, plastic, granite and marble, all of which are comparatively softer. If you’re working with a construction company or provide renovation/repair services, then these drill bits are a great option.

However, if you need it for a one-time project and work within a limited budget, a masonry bit  should be sufficient for all your purposes.

How To Drill Into Tile

The hardest part about drilling into tile is getting started. Most tiles have a hardened outer glazed surface that’s slippery and hard for the drill bit to grip. This can lead to the bit sliding around on the tile and causing unsightly scratch marks.

To combat this you can place masking tape on the tile in an “X” marks the spot fashion. You can then begin drilling through the masking tape at the center of the “X”. The tape will save your tile from scratches and provide the necessary traction for the hole to get started.

First, ensure the drill is on a low setting, around 100 or 200 RPM. If the RPM is too fast, the bit will overheat and get damaged or ruined completely. Also ensure your drill bit is good and sharp, you could use a drill bit sharpener. Once the bit has gripped the tile and boring begins, you’ll need to be patience and allow the drill to do the work. Some tiles, like real porcelain, are extremely hard and will take some time to get through.

As the drill bit grinds away, apply moderate and even pressure until you break through the tile. And don’t forget to lubricate the bit with water to keep it cool and last you for years to come.

Thanks a lot for checking out our article and we wish you the best of luck with your project.

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