Best Cordless Drill Reviews


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If you’re in the market for a new cordless drill, then this comprehensive buyer’s guide is made just for you. We’re going to let you know how to find the best cordless drill for your budget and work needs. We’ll do this by posting an assortment of carefully detailed and well-researched cordless drill reviews.

Our top cordless drill picks are best-selling, highly-rated models from trusted manufacturers. They are the cordless drills that we love to use! Some of these drills are ideal for contractors, while others are perfect for DIY projects in and around the home. Some are versatile enough to do double duty for pro jobs and DIY projects alike.

For a quick look at our top picks with their most important specs, you can check out the comparison chart bellow.

PictureNamePriceOur Rating Out Of 5VoltageSpeedTorqueBatteryChuck SizeWeightWarranty
The best cordless drill from dewaltDEWALT DCD980M2$$$$$4.920 volts2,000 RPMAdjustable torque control20v Lithium-ion1/2-inch chuck10.6 poundsThree year limited manufacturer’s warranty
black and decker cordless drillBLACK+DECKER LDX120C$4.620 volts650 RPM115 inch-pounds20v Lithium-ion3/8-inch3.35 poundsTwo-year warranty
dewalt cordless drill setDEWALT DCD777C2$$4.720 voltsTwo Speeds - 0-50 and 1,750 RPM500 inch-pounds20v Lithium-ion1/2-inch chuck2.6 poundsThree-year limited warranty
18 volt makita cordless drillMakita XPH102$$$4.818 volts2-speed (0-600 and 0-1,900 RPM) (0-9,000 and 0-28,500 BPM)480 inch-pounds18v Lithium-ion1/2-inch chuck10.3 poundsThree-year limited warranty
Best 12 volt Cordless Drill by boschBosch PS31-2A$$$4.712 voltsTwo speeds (0-350 RPM and 0-1,300 RPM)265 inch-pounds12v Lithium-ion3/8-inch chuck4.73 poundsThirty-day money back guarantee - one-year warranty
cheap cordless drill by ryobiRyobi P277 One+$4.518 voltsVariable speed (0-440 RPM and 0-1,600 RPM)Variable torque18v Lithium-ion1/2-inch chuck3 poundsThree-year warranty
Best Cordless Impact Drill by dewaltDEWALT DC825B$$$4.818 voltsVariable speed from 0 - 2,400 RPM and 0 - 2,700 IPM1,330 inch-pounds18v Lithium-ion1/4-inch chuck2.2 pounds3-year limited warranty, one-year free service contract, and a ninety-day money-back guarantee
Hitachi cordless drillHitachi DS18DGL$$$4.518 voltsTwo speeds (0-450 RPM and 0-1,250 RPM)400 inch-pounds18v Lithium-ion1/2-inch chuck3.7 pounds30-day money back guarantee, lifetime lithium-ion tool warranty
makita ct226 with drill bitsMakita CT226$$$$4.712 voltsTwo speeds (0-450 RPM and 0-1,700 RPM)250 inch-pounds12v Lithium-ion3/8-inch chuck2.8 poundsThree-year limited warranty
tacklife cordless drill for under 50 dollarsTacklife PCD01B$4.612 voltsTwo speeds (0-350 RPM and 0-1300 RPM)239 inch-pounds12v Lithium-ion3/8-inch chuck 4.15 poundsTwo-year warranty
Milwaukee lightweight drillMilwaukee M18 2606-21CT$$$$4.718 voltsTwo speeds: (0-400 and 0-1,800 RPM)500 inch-pounds18v Lithium-ion1/2-inch chuck 8.4 poundsFive-year warranty

We’re confident that one of these cordless drills will be exactly what you’re looking for. Our power drill experts have tested out so many models and then picked out the best, by ranking them in terms of price, brand, build quality and performance, as well as features. There is a lot of think about and our reviewers have done all of the hard work for you. We’ve found several cordless power drills which offer incredible performance, safety features galore and total versatility.

We also want to empower you as a consumer by offering you hard facts about what to look for when you’re shopping around for these handy cordless power tools. We want to help you get more value for every dollar that you spend on a brand-new cordless drill.

Our detailed buyer’s guide will let you know which types of cordless drills are available, give you the inside scoop on some must-have features (as well as some non-essential features that you may really appreciate!) and provide information about chargers, accessories and so much more.

By covering all of the bases, we’ll make it easy for you to do smart and efficient comparison-shopping. We’re here to help you get a stellar deal on your next cordless drill!

The Best Cordless Drill – Our Top Pick

DEWALT DCD980M2 20V, 3-Speed Drill/Driver Kit

The DEWALT DCD980M2  is a great drill with an appealing, mid-range price tag. This The best cordless drill from dewalttrusted power tool looks great, thanks to its iconic, yellow-and-black design. It’s “Made in the USA” and comes with a three-speed transmission which is crafted solely from metal.

The transmission will match the task to the tool in order to promote superb application speed, as well as enhanced run time. If you’re one of those people who don’t want to buy something that’s made in China, then this power drill may be right for you. It’s crafted in America and this is pretty rare these days.

This DeWalt is equipped with a rugged ratcheting chuck which measures half an inch and features inserts made from carbon. You’ll find that this superb ratcheting chuck offers premium bit-gripping capacity. It’s easier to get great results when a three-prong chuck grips effectively. We find that this electric drill’s chuck is really top-notch.

In terms of power, you’ll get plenty. This drill comes with a motor that offers five hundred and thirty-five watts out of max power. This is more than enough power to handle a host of fastening and drilling tasks. As well, this unit is equipped with an LED light. The light has a twenty-second delay once the trigger is released. Working in low lighting conditions will be very easy because this light will help you to see exactly what you are doing.

If you go for this cordless power drill, you’ll love its longer-than-average run time, as well as its impressive ruggedness. This power tool works with premium lithium-ion batteries (DeWalt 20V Max XRs) and this is why its run time is top-tier. It’s always good to choose a power drill with high-quality batteries and this one definitely has them.

This kit includes a drill/driver (DCD980), a charger (it’ll charge up the drill in sixty minutes), a couple of batteries (20V MAX XR), a 360-degree side handle and a box which holds the kit. It’s got everything that most people need.

We think that this design is fine for contractors and dedicated DIY’ers. It’s fairly-priced (prices will vary), it’s feature-packed and it performs. Plus, it’s well-made, so you may expect to enjoy good performance over the long term, provided that you maintain your new electric cordless power drill properly.

Why We Like This Drill

This three-speed drill has a variable-speed trigger. As well, this power tool comes with twenty-two clutch settings.dewalt 3-speed cordless drill This wide variety of clutch settings will ensure that you are able to maintain excellent control while you fasten and drive. Also, its all-metal transmission is built in order to stand the test of time. Since its motor is power-packed, you’ll find that this cordless power drill makes it easy to put three-inch screws into even the hardest woods.

If you want more stability as you handle this powerful drill, utilize its side handle. It’s an optional handle and it’s a nice perk which enhances safety!

The LED light on this unit will help you to see what you’re doing when you’re working in low lighting conditions. The light will remain on for twenty seconds after you release the drill’s trigger.

People who bought this drill rave about its long battery life. They love being able to use it for hours on end before having to recharge it. If you use it intermittently, you may find that one charge is enough for an entire project.

This drill is a best-seller for good reason. It offers cordless convenience, serious power and all of the bells and whistles that most contractors and DIY’ers want and need. The drill weighs in at 5.3 pounds and comes with a three-year limited warranty. It also features a ninety-day, money-back guarantee and a free service contract that lasts for one year.

Are There Any Drawbacks?

We find this cordless drill exceptional. To see what other people had to say, we checked out reviews online and were hard-pressed to find any rating under four stars. Most people give this model a perfect, five-star rating. It’s powerful enough to be extremely versatile and it’s also easy to use.

Whether you’re a contractor or DIY’er, you’ll find that this model provides so much bang for the buck. It might not appeal to people who want a budget cordless drill. However, it’s not too expensive (prices will vary).

This cordless drill is a winner in every important respect and a solid investment in quality and high performance.

Best Cordless Drill For The Money

BLACK+DECKER LDX120C 20-Volt Cordless Drill/Driver

If you want a budget cordless drill, you should seriously consider this 20v BLACK+DECKER. Itblack and decker cordless drill offers great value for money and gives good performance for a rock-bottom price tag.

It’s a smart, safe investment within the budget price bracket because it will handle every type of screw driving task, including drilling into metal, wood and plastic. This drill offers cord-free freedom that will make your life easier. It’s actually pretty amazing that a drill can cost so little and provide so much power and performance.

One primary advantage of this super-affordable drill is its light weight, and as a result, it’s so comfortable to hold. It’s also very compact. This type of lightweight comfort is so important when it comes to avoiding muscle fatigue. The weight, size and scale of this power tool make it a sensible choice for performing work in confined spaces.

It Has Some Great Features Too

This practical power tool from American manufacturer, Black and Decker, features cutting-edge 20V MAX and lithium ion technology, so it provides superior battery life. This innovative technology will allow you to get more DIY or contracting work done without needing to recharge. In terms of other impressive features, this electric drill comes with a clutch that adjusts to eleven positions. The adjustable clutch provides control which is very precise and can be tailored to many applications.

When you choose this model, you’ll be able to adjust drill speed and this will allow you to perform countersinking which doesn’t damage the material that you’re working on.

Who Is It Right For?

While contractors will certainly be able to take care of business with this electric drill, it’s a budget design and wethe black and decker cordless drill in action personally think that it’s best for home usage. An ambitious contractor may want to spend a bit more money for a few extra features and some extra power. This cordless drill will please most DIY’ers. It’s reliable and offers a lot of quality and performance for a low price.

Product Pros And Cons

Affordability is a key “pro” of this electric drill. Its cordless convenience is another. Also, it comes from a brand with a proven track record. As well, its superb battery life, compact and lightweight design and adjustable clutch/adjustable speed make it an impressive power tool that really performs.

It’s got a handy LED work light which will help you to see in dimmer areas. Its product dimensions are 10.6 inches by 3.7 inches by 8.5 inches and its total weight is just 3.35 pounds. It comes with a single lithium ion battery.

In terms of drawbacks, this model has some plastic! Some contractors and DIY’ers don’t want to buy power tools with plastic components. However, plastic is clearly one of the reasons why this drill is so affordable. It’s a cheaper material than metal. If you don’t mind using an inexpensive cordless power drill which has a plastic body, the presence of plastic may not be a real “con”.

Overall, we love this compact drill. It’s cheap enough to be a great gift idea for the DIY enthusiast and it’s also inexpensive enough to be a nice treat to yourself. This electric drill is proof positive that you  don’t need to spend a fortune in order to get superb performance.

Best 20v Cordless Drill

DEWALT DCD777C2 20V Compact Drill Driver

This drill from DeWalt has a lot going for it and it’s not expensive. If you go for this DeWalt, you’ll have got yourself a dependable electric power tool in the budget to ‘low mid-range” price bracket, which offers longer-than-average motor life, in addition to run time which is thirty percent longer than what you’d get with a brushed motor.

As well, you’ll be pleased to know that this model offers superior visibility, thanks to its built-in LED light. The light will help you to see everything that you’re doing while you’re working in “poor lighting” conditions and it’ll stay on for twenty seconds after you release the trigger. The LED light is a great safety feature which also makes it easier to get things done.

Another benefit of choosing this affordable drill is its ergonomic design. It’s a compact style which measures 7.52 inches (from front to back) and it weighs in at just 2.6 pounds. This is very light drill, so you won’t have to deal with muscle fatigue while you’re using it. Many drills weigh much more, such as four pounds and up.

If you want a drill which is easy to use in even the tightest of spaces, you’ll find that this one delivers. We love the comfort handle on this model. It offers superior tool control and balance. You’ll find that gripping the handle is simple.

With this power tool, you’ll receive a drill/driver, a couple of lithium ion batteries, a kit bag and a charger.  Everything that you need will be included. The contractor’s bag which comes with this kit is very nice and it’ll make it easy for you to move your electric drill and accessories from place to place.

Key Advantages of This Drill

This electric drill provides the ultimate in cordless convenience. As well, it has solid build quality and is verydewalt 20 volt cordless drill with flashlight comfortable to hold. It’s a versatile model which will offer good performance for an array of applications. Since it provides superb battery life, lightweight and compact performance and clear markings which are very easy to see and understand, it’s loaded with positive features and benefits.

Drawbacks of This Drill

The belt hook and chuck are made from plastic. Metal would be better. However, the price of this cordless drill is quite low and these plastic components are likely the main reason why DeWalt is able to offer this power tool for such a reasonable price. If you don’t mind a little plastic, this model may be right for you.

Overall, this reasonably-priced cordless drill, which comes from one of the most revered American power tool manufacturers, offers far more advantages than disadvantages. It’s ideal for home usage (use it for all of your home improvement projects, such as building sun decks and assembling outdoor furnishings) and it’s also an affordable option for contractors who don’t want to spend too much in order to access durability, portability, comfort and performance.

Best 18v Cordless Drill

Makita XPH102 Hammer Driver-Drill Kit

If you want a compact cordless power drill from a trusted brand name, you’ll appreciate the Makita XPH102 18V18 volt makita cordless drill LXT. This electric drill is so easy to hold and use and it features twenty-six percent more revolutions per minute (RPM) than comparable drills.

This model is a hammer driver drill. You’ll find that it’s powerful enough to get the job done right, whether you’re working with concrete, metal, wood or masonry. It offers the ideal blend of torque and speed! As well, its lithium ion battery charges up completely in just thirty minutes. Use it as a hammer driver drill or a typical driver drill…with this power tool, how you use it will be up to you!

A versatile And Popular Cordless Drill

Makita is one of the most respected brands in the marketplace. This mid-range electric drill offers the quality and performance that the Makita brand name is known for. Its motor is a premium build that you’ll be able to depend on. It’s a 4-pole motor which provides four hundred and eighty pounds of Max Torque. The motor will deliver a maximum output of 1,900 RPMs and a maximum BPM output of 28,500.

Who Is It Right For?

This electric drill is a perfect choice for busy contractors. It’s equipped with XPT (Extreme Protection Technology), which boosts resistance to water and dust. This means that it offers peak performance in even the toughest work site conditions.

Since it’s rugged enough to meet the needs of contractors, it’s also a fine choice for home usage. It’s got power to spare and its cordless design means that you can carry it around on your tool belt and then use it whenever you need it. It’s very portable.

Key Advantages of This Model

Raw power is a key advantage of this drill. Another main benefit is its ultra-modern and efficient battery. Makita uses 18Vthe makita in action batteries to power up its array of cordless tools, including this electric power tool. These lithium ion batteries are slide-style designs and they are known for offering the quickest charge times around.

If you choose this drill, you’ll be able to spend your time working, rather than waiting for your electric drill to charge. To put it into perspective, this model charges twice as fast as most other drills, thanks to Makita battery technology.

When you order this model, you’ll receive a driver-drill, an 18V battery, a charger and a tool case.

Drawbacks of This Cordless Drill

If you don’t need hammer drill capability, this drill might not be right for you. This electric drill weighs 10.3 pounds, so it’s not really the lightest drill around and if you don’t make use of its hammer function, you’ll be carrying the extra weight for nothing.

However, those who need the power that a hammer drill provides will find that this weightier model offers superb performance.  If you don’t need this kind of power, you may do better with a lighter drill that isn’t designed to drill through concrete.

Best 12v Cordless Drill

Bosch PS31-2A Drill/Driver Kit and Carrying Case

If you want a pro-quality drill-driver, the Bosch PS31 should be high on your list. This 3/8-inch drill offers plenty ofBest 12 volt Cordless Drill by bosch power for a good price and it’s extremely lightweight. It weighs in at only a couple of pounds, so you’ll find that using it is a truly comfortable experience. Ideal for contractors who want cordless convenience at work sites, this power tool offers a respectable two hundred and sixty-five inch-pounds of maximum torque.

When you choose this model, which comes from a superb brand, you’ll be able to choose from two speeds. Go for 0-350 RPM or choose 0-1,300 RPMs. You’ll also access twenty-plus-one torque settings. If you want to install electrical components, this is a great drill to buy. Electrical installation typically requires a lot of overhead driving and drilling. Since this electric drill weighs so little, it’s easy to use for overhead drilling. We think that this design is a smart investment for contractors.

This Drill Has All The Right Features

This powerful cordless drill comes with a three-jaw, single-sleeve chuck (3.8-inch) which holds bits snugly in place. As well, it features an LED light which is integrated, in addition to a fuel gauge that’s integrated. To top it all off, it has the Bosch-exclusive 12V Max power system. This system weighs very little and it provides exceptional run time.

Key Benefits of This Drill

Perfect for doing driving and drilling in confined spaces and overhead, this pro-level electric drill also has superior torque and adjustable speed. It’s powerful enough and user-friendly enough to make driving and drilling an efficient process. We think that this model provides the perfect amount of performance, power and speed.

It’s a good choice for pro contractors and offers plenty of advantages to home users. When you order this model, everything that you need will be provided. You’ll get a couple of batteries, the drill, a carry case and a charger.

Since this model has the lowest weight in its class, as well as a compact head length of seven inches, which makes itthe Bosch PS31-2A drilling into wood ideal for even the tightest corners, it’s a drill that provides impressive advantages. Its LED light will make it easy for you to see what you’re doing, even when lighting is less than optimal. As well, we like the fuel gauge on this design. It’s located on the side of the drill and it makes battery management simple and straightforward.

This drill’s variable speed trigger is easy to use and makes it simple to regulate speed effectively. Another bonus of selecting this power tool is that you’ll be able to enjoy its soft-grip handle. You’ll also access electronic cell protection, which contributes to long product life.

Is There A Downside?

There’s no level in the back of this drill. If you want this feature, you’ll need to look elsewhere. As well, the drill is very light and some consumers want to invest in electric drills which are more substantial. Overall, this Bosch power tool offers a lot of value for a mid-range price. It’s a drill that plenty of owners appreciate and use frequently.

Best Cheap Cordless Drill

Ryobi P277 One+, 2-Speed Drill Driver

This drill is amazingly inexpensive. The Ryobi P277  is also very simple to use. It’s a powercheap cordless drill by ryobi tool that makes bit changes so fast and easy, thanks to its half-inch, keyless chuck. When you choose this budget drill from trusted Japanese manufacturer, Ryobi, you’ll be able to swap bits without needing to use a tool.

As well, this power tool makes controlling torque a total breeze. The clutch adjusts to twenty-four different positions and it’s linked with a two-speed gearbox, so this drill will be perfect for an assortment of tasks, including driving fasteners and drilling holes.

Another bonus of selecting the Ryobi P277 One+ 18 Volt drill is that it features convenient, onboard storage, via its bit holder, which is magnetic. This electric drill makes it simple to keep every accessory close by as you work.

We appreciate how easy it is to handle this budget cordless drill. It’s simple to utilize its “notched-style” grip (which is crafted from durable rubber) to boost friction. This drill is a solid pick if you want to work efficiently in a variety of weather conditions.

Last, but not least, this power tool is “One+” compatible. This means that it’s powered up via 18V batteries from Ryobi, which are part of the One+ system. It’s possible to run this electric drill with older NiCad batteries if you want to. These yellow batteries were intended for usage with the “blue series”, but NiCad batteries work with this newer electric drill too.

Is This Drill Right For You?

Every contractor or DIY fan needs a drill-driver. If you want one that costs very little, this design may meet your needs. It’s perfect for reno jobs and construction tasks. We think that it’s better for home users, as it is a budget model. However, for the rock-bottom price, it’s certainly packed with appealing features.

Key Benefits of This Model

This drill has a very low price point, but delivers good power for the price. Also, it’s simple to perform torquefront view of the Ryobi P277 One+ adjustment for custom performance. We also like the fact that this power tool allows us to change bits without needing to use both hands.

The battery system in this cheap electric cordless drill is also impressive. You’ll be able to use any Ryobi battery that you have on hand in order to get this electric drill up and running. Whether you want to do complex assembly or simpler tasks, you’ll find that this cost-effective model offers tons of perks.

Cons Of This Cheap Drill

This three-pound drill has a cool green finish which is bright and attractive. It’s also got one of the lowest price tags you’ll find. Now, let’s talk about the “cons” of this drill. First off, it’s an inexpensive drill and this means that it is going to lack the power of high-end models. If you are looking for basic performance, it should meet your needs well. If you want more from a cordless drill, you may want to spend more money in order to get it.

For the home handy person, this power tool provides an array of practical advantages, without costing an arm and a leg. If you’re the kind of person that does little-to-no work with a drill, but you just want to have one put away for an emergency – this might be the perfect cordless drill for you.

Best Cordless Impact Drill

DEWALT DC825B 18-Volt Cordless Impact Driver

Are you looking for an affordable cordless impact driver from one of the world’s premier power tool manufacturers?Best Cordless Impact Drill by dewalt If so, you’ll benefit from discovering the features of the The DEWALT DC825B 1/4-inch Cordless Impact Driver. This drill is a bare tool and it’s a perfect choice for performing an array of fastening jobs.

If you pick this impact drill, you’ll access a frameless motor with high power, as well as a trigger with variable speed. Another bonus of going for this popular model is that it’s been designed with comfort in mind. It’s ergonomic, so holding it and using it will be very comfortable for you.

This model also comes with a battery system (XRP) which extends battery life. If you want to keep working on tasks until a project is complete, without needing to recharge your cordless impact driver frequently, you’ll appreciate this drill’s high-tech battery system.

When you order, you’ll receive the driver tool, as well as an Owner’s Manual which includes detailed instructions on how to use the cordless drill. However, since this is a “bare tool”, you’ll need to buy the charger and batteries yourself.

A Great Return On Investment

This drill has a mid-range price tag and provides some high-end features, so it offers superb value for the money. For example, it provides 1,330 in.-lbs. of torque, which is more than enough to make tough fastening applications fast and simple. This versatile model easily drills in metal and wood. You may also use it to drive and remove fasteners in concrete or metal.

Since it’s equipped with speed control that’s variable, you’ll be able to customize RPM speed for each application.the DEWALT DC825B being used

This is a cordless impact driver which provides premium control, even when the person who’s using it is tired from a tough workday. We think that this drill’s anti-slip grip is very comfortable to hold. It also bumps up safety. As well, the body of this power tool is compact, so you’ll find that using the drill in tighter spaces is real easy.

This model features brushes which are replaceable and this is so convenient. The replaceable brush system means longer product life! As well, this power tool comes with an impact mechanism which is heavy-duty. It directs torque towards fasteners, without triggering kick-back. This is a cordless drill that protects you while you use it.

Another impressive feature of this cost-effective model is its gear case, which is made from rugged magnesium. This drill also has a transmission made from metal. The DEWALT DC825B has some of the highest rated user reviews online.

If you want durability, you’ll discover that this affordable drill really delivers.

Does This Drill Have Drawbacks?

This bare tool drill doesn’t have a charger or a battery. However, the team at DeWalt is upfront about this and some people prefer to buy bare tools like this one. and then purchase batteries and chargers separately (or use ones that they have on hand which are compatible). If you prefer a bare tool, this “con” won’t be a drawback at all. Anyone who wants a drill that comes complete with all that’s needed should probably look past this model.

Best Cordless Drill For Home Use

Hitachi DS18DGL Compact Drill Driver Kit

Hitachi is a brand with a proven track record and this Japanese company has hit a home run with its HitachiHitachi cordless drill DS18DGL Cordless Drill. When you select this cordless power tool, which is ideal for home usage, you’ll find that it’s backed up with a lifetime tool warranty, as well as a two-year warranty on the battery.

This handy home drill offers premium cordless convenience and it’s powered up via its lithium ion battery, which features cutting-edge technology. The battery system is very light in weight and offers power without any annoying fade.

As well, this cord-free drill has a couple of gear settings which match appropriate speeds for specific applications, in addition to a “twenty-two plus one” clutch which offers a host of settings for torque. This model also features “drill mode”, which promotes superior control and precision.

Another advantage of choosing this very affordable power tool is that you’ll access an LED light which illuminates dim work areas. Also, this model features four hundred inch-pounds of torque and this is more than enough torque for even the hardest jobs, in the most confined spaces.

We also like the ratcheting chuck for this model. It’s a half-inch ratcheting chuck which is keyless. When you use the cordless drill, you’ll find that replacing bits is a fast and smooth process.

Who Is It Right For?

This 3.7-pound drill is a good choice for DIY enthusiasts and contractors. Its lighter weight makes it so comfortableHitachi DS18DGL putting up a door to hold and use and it’s also very attractive, thanks to its green-and-black design. Crafted with ergonomic design, this model is a great choice if you want to avoid muscle fatigue.

Feature-packed in light of its appealing, mid-range price, this model has a lot of high-end features, including gear speed settings of 0 to 450 and 0 to 1250 and an innovative LED light, which directs light upwards from the base of the drill. This upward lighting offers superb illumination of the tip of the bit. It also prevents the casting of shadows.

Another reason to choose this drill for your home workshop or workplace is its pressure point control system. It’s got a narrower handle thanks to the drill’s slide-type batteries. These HXP lithium ion batteries take up less room and promote ergonomic comfort.

What You Will Get

When you choose this power tool, you’ll receive the driver drill, plus a couple of slide-style batteries. You’ll also get a fast charger, a case for your drill and accessories and a driver bit from Phillips which is two-sided.

Pros And Cons Af This Electric Drill

This Hitachi drill bores holes and drives in screws quickly. Its work light pivots, in addition to directing light upwards. This cordless drill definitely has a lot of great features. As well, it comes with a switch for power-limiting for applications at lower speeds, including taking screws out of appliances and driving screws.

In terms of cons, it has a “high/low” switch which is a bit on the stiff side.

Best Cordless Drill Set

Makita CT226 12V Combo Kit with 70-Piece Bit Set

This combo kit is loaded with items which will make it easy to take care of any task that requires a drill driver ormakita cordless drill set impact driver. The kit is a combination of two Makita products, which are the Makita CT226 12V Max CXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Combo Kit, (2 Piece) and the Makita T-01725 Contractor-Grade Bit Set, 70-Pc. When you order this convenient kit, you’ll get so much for a great price, including a driver drill (3/8-inches), an impact driver and a bit set with seventy pieces.

This pro-quality kit will open up so many options. You’ll never need to buy drill bits separately and the driver drill and impact driver are of good quality. They are basic and affordable power tools, rather than deluxe power tools. Also, when you buy this kit, you’ll never need to do a job with the wrong drill bit. You’ll always have what you need, so you’ll be able to perform tasks and enjoy truly accurate results.

Another great reason to choose this kit is that all components in the kit, from drivers to charger to drill kits to case, come from the same brand. Every component is designed to work with the rest. Makita is a good brand and this kit is designed to make the lives of DIY’ers and contractors easier.

Overall, we think that this kit is best for home handymen and women. Contractors may find it useful, but ultimately want to invest in higher-end drill drivers and impact drivers. For home usage, it’s really perfect. It has everything that the typical DIY’er will need.

Main Features of This Kit

We really like the driver drill that comes with this kit. It offers two speed settings, which are 0 to 450 and 0 to 1700 and it offers a maximum of 250 inch-pounds of torque. It’s a compact, 3/8-inch drill driver which measures in at 7-7/16” long. The drill driver weighs just 2.8 pounds with the battery inserted. Since it’s a light cordless drill, you’ll find that operator fatigue is reduced while you use it.

This kit’s impact driver is also top-notch. It provides variable speed performance at 0-200 revolutions per minutemakita ct226 with drill bits and 0-2400 revolutions per minute (RPM). It offers maximum torque of nine hundred and seventy inch-pounds.

The combo kit includes a charger which charges batteries for the drill driver and impact driver.

The drill bit kit is loaded with amazing options and the bits (70 in all) have black oxide coatings, so they will resist rust.

Why Buy This Combo Kit?

If you’re putting together some tools for home use, you’ll find that investing in this kit is smart. You’ll get a drill and impact driver, plus all of the drill bits that you need. The kit is generally available for a value price, so you’ll probably get a better deal with this “two in one” combo kit than you would if you bought each component in this product bundle separately.

Also, it’s just so convenient to get everything that you need in one fell swoop. Makita is a trusted brand and its drill driver, impact driver, charger and 70-piece drill kit are perfect for a range of home improvement projects and assembly tasks.

Best Cordless Drill Under $50

Tacklife Cordless Drill/Driver Set

If you want a budget-friendly drill/driver set from a good brand, you’ll appreciate this kit from Tacklife. The Tacklife Cordless Drill Set will be ideal for an assortment of home-based tasks. It’s got a great battery pack (lithium ion type), as well as a drill/driver motor which is powerful and designed to offer reliable performance.

The drill/driver is light in weight, so it’s very comfortable to utilize. You’ll find that you may use it in confined spaces for long periods of time, without experiencing the usual muscle fatigue.

This design features a voltage charger with one hundred to two hundred and forty volts. It’s able to handle voltage instability or rapid changes. As well, we like the battery cell that comes with this model. It contributes to an excellent end-user experience. This kit will allow you to drill and drive into metal, wood and brick.

What Are Its Product Specifications?

The voltage for this drill/driver is 12V DC. It features a battery pack capacity of fifteen hundred mAh. Its battery pack has a cycle life of two hundred and fifty cycles. The drill/driver features maximum torque of 27N.m. This model doesn’t have a load speed and it runs at two speeds, one of which is 0-350 and one of which is 0-1300. Its chuck size is 0-10 millimeters (0-3.8”). With this design, you’ll access a thirty millimeter maximum drilling capacity for wood and a ten millimeter maximum drilling capacity for metal.

It takes two hours to charge this drill fully. The power tool features nineteen plus one clutch positions.

When you order this kit, you’ll get everything that you need. You’ll receive the cordless drill, as well as six driver bits and six drill bits. You’ll also get an extension bit holder, a charger pack, a carry case and an Owner’s Manual.

Pros And Cons Of This Set

This set comes from a manufacturer that is trusted. The electric drill is compact and light in weight and its handle istacklife cordless drill with accessories rubberized, so grip is superb. As well, this set features a hard carry case which makes this drill/driver and its accessories very portable. Another advantage of choosing this set is that the drill/driver comes with an LED light which provides good illumination in dimly-lit areas. Also, there is a battery power indicator which displays “real time” battery capacity.

Have we mentioned yet that this is a budget model? It costs very little and this may be a pro or a con, depending on your point of view. Because it’s a cheap drill set, we think that it’s a good choice for the home DIY enthusiast. It may not be right for contractors who need more power and more specialized features.

If you’re on a budget and you want a drill/driver of your own, which makes it easy to handle home-based projects, then we think that this affordable, high-quality drill offers a lot of value for a very low price.

Best Lightweight Cordless Drill

Milwaukee M18 2606-21CT Cordless Drill Driver Compact Kit

When a cordless electric drill is light in weight, it’s so much easier to use and can really ease the wear and tear on your body. The heavier drill models will really weigh youMilwaukee lightweight drill down! Luckily, the Milwaukee M18 Cordless Drill Driver Kit includes a drill driver which is very low in weight. In fact, this whole kit weighs only eight pounds and that includes the driver, a bare tool, a compact battery pack, a multi-voltage charger and a hard carrying case!

When you choose this kit, you’ll access a drill/driver with a motor of the four-pole, frameless type. It gives five hundred inch-pounds of torque and revolutions per minute (RPM) of 0 to 400 and 0 to 1,800.

The safety features that come with this model are also outstanding. For example, it’s equipped with Redlink Intelligence and this type of technology provides overload protection. It’s designed to protect you against situations which are abusive.

Another impressive facet of this drill/driver is its superb battery pack. It’s a Redlthium Battery Pack and it offers forty percent longer run time than average, as well as twenty percent more speed and twenty percent more torque. This drill/driver will operate down to a temperature of 0 Fahrenheit (-18C).

Is This Compact Kit Right For You?

If you want a mid-range drill/driver, along with a charger, battery back and case, and you trust the Milwaukee brandMilwaukee cordless drill drilling through timber (we do), then this compact cordless drill driver kit may be perfect for your needs. It’s feature-packed for the price and it’s also very well-made. The drill driver is attractive, with an exciting and sporty, red-and-black look and it performs like a dream. Also, we love the protective carry case and everything else that comes in this kit. While prices will vary based on retailer, it’s safe to say that this compact kit offers a lot of value for what you’ll spend.

This set should work well for DIY enthusiasts. It’s also a good choice for contractors. It’s versatile enough to meet the needs of both types of people.

What Are the Pros and Cons?

This drill/driver kit is relatively inexpensive and does offer a lot of power, as well as a range of practical features. In general, it receives very good ratings and we rate it positively, too. However, no drill/driver set is perfect and this one is no exception. It does have a plastic case. Also, it’s crafted in China, which may be a negative for some folks. Milwaukee tools used to be made in America, but times and production costs have changed.

There are drill/driver sets with metal cases, which are made in the USA. If you care about avoiding plastic components and/or power tools that are made in China, this kit may not suit your needs. Most people will find that it has everything that they need, for a reasonable price.

Cordless Drill Buying Guide

Now that we’ve shared our hot cordless drill picks for 2018, let’s talk about what to look for when you’re shopping around for the perfect new cordless drill. Our buying guide is very detailed, yet very simple to understand. We’re here to take the guesswork out of choosing your new drill.

We want you to select a cordless drill which suits both your budget and work needs. After you’ve read the guide, you’ll understand which cordless drill types are out there in the marketplace. You’ll also know which features are most important. As well, you’ll have the inside scoop on less-essential features which may suit your needs for specific applications.

We want you to find a drill that you’ll enjoy using for years to come. We think that this guide should be “required reading” before anyone splashes out cash for a new cordless drill.

What Is a Cordless Drill, Anyway?

When you purchase a cordless drill, you’ll be investing in a drill that runs on electric power, via batteries which are rechargeable. Cordless drills come with features that are similar to those of AC mains-powered drills. When it’s time to buy, you may choose a cordless power drill with a “hammer drill” configuration. If you do, you’ll access a cordless drill which provides short and fast hammer thrusts which effectively pulverize material that’s brittle. You’ll find that your hammer drill allows you to drill faster with less energy outlay! It’s also possible to buy cordless drills that don’t have hammer drill configurations, so you will have choices.

The Question of Cordless Vs. Corded Drills

Cordless power drills have come a long way. In the past, many pro users found that the corded types offered more power and performance. However, technology has moved forward and modern cordless drills definitely pack a punch in terms of power. So, don’t assume that going for cordless convenience is going to mean less power and performance. With the best cordless drills, you’ll have the best of both worlds.

In general, with rare exceptions, cordless power drills include clutches. The clutches assist with preventing damage to screws when they are being driven into a range of substrates. Substrates are substances (or layers) which are underlying.

What Are Some Common Jobs Cordless Drills Used For?

A Range of Drilling and Screwing Applications

If you are new to these tools and just learning to use your drill, you’ll quickly find out the many applications these versatile power tools can be used for. DIY’ers and contractors most often use cordless drills to install and remove screws. They are also practical choices for drilling pilot holes before putting screws into place. A third common application for a cordless drill is to use the power tool as a hole saw. This means utilizing it to cut holes for drains, sink faucets and doorknobs. You may attach preferred sizes of hole saw bits to a cordless drill. When you attach a hole saw bit, the drill will cut out a hole with a perfectly round shape.

Installing Drywall

Cordless drill owners also love the way that cordless drills help them to perform efficient installation of drywall. To use a cordless drill for drywall installation, just carry your power tool with you on your tool belt in order to access it whenever you need it. Putting in drywall is all about the lifting and holding of big panels. They need to be held in place before drywall screws are inserted into studs underneath walls. When you own a cordless drill, you’ll be able to hold the panel in place with one hand and then grab your power tool with your free hand. This will make it easy to insert screws through drywall panels.

Using the Hammer Function To Drive Bolts

The last popular application for a power drill of this type is driving bolts into concrete. To perform this particular task, you’ll need a cordless hammer drill. It’s specifically designed to make this type of job easy. It vibrates a bit as its drill rotates and this gives it extra power. This extra power is needed in order to get this type of tough job done right! If you want to bolt down outdoor furnishings to concrete or need to put any types of screws into concrete, a cordless hammer drill will fit the bill. It’ll offer powerful assistance which makes this type of work a lot more efficient.

The Types Of Cordless Drills And Their Uses

Combi Drills

These drills offer three key benefits, rather than just one. If you opt for a combi drill, you’ll be able to drive screws, drill holes into masonry and concrete and drill holes into metal and wood. When you drill holes into masonry and wood, you’ll be able to get the job done because your combi drill includes a hammer function.

The best combi drills are very powerful and they are incredibly multi-functional. They are ideal for drilling, screw-driving and cordless impact drilling.

Usually, drills of this type provide a couple of speeds and some may have a trio of speed choices. Choose low speeds in order to perform applications of the “high torque” variety, including screw driving. You’ll find that the higher speeds are better for drilling wood and metal. The hammer performance of this type of drill will mean that your drilling happens as the hammer function strikes. This will give you the power to drill into the toughest materials, including masonry.

When shopping for a combi drill, look for solid construction. Select a combi drill which is well-crafted. This type of drill needs to be really rugged because it will be utilized for applications that are robust. We recommend styles with metal gear boxes or metal chucks.

So, who is a combi drill right for? Well, these types of drills are actually just right for contractors. They also suit homeowners who want to take care of repairs and home improvement projects…without needing to pay contractors! These ultra-functional drills will accept hex drill bits and rounded drill bits. If you want more options, you’ll find that investing in a highly-rated combi drill from a reputable manufacturer will make it easy to perform a host of tasks with just one drill.

Drill Drivers

A drill/driver will help a contractor or DIY handy person to drive screws and drill holes. This type of drill has a chuck which is keyless. The chuck will accept a host of hex-shank drill bits and round drill bits, as well as screw-driving bits. It’ll also accept a range of accessories, including, but not limited to, rotary sanders, wire-wheel brushes and hole saws.

When deciding whether or not a drill driver is really right for you, consider the types of projects that you plan to do. If you don’t plan to do projects which necessitate driving in a whole lot of screws (or screws which are long and/or large), then you should get great results with a driver drill. If you need more power for jobs which do require driving in tons of screws or screws that are big or long, you’ll do better with an impact driver.

A drill driver will be perfect for small jobs around the house. It’ll help you to get things done and you should be able to find one that’s very affordable (if you’re not interested in investing in a mid-range or high-end model). Whether you want to hang pictures, assemble small items or what have you, you’ll always be glad that you have this popular power tool on hand. It’s so useful for homeowners.

Contractors may want more power and features. However, it’s safe to say that many contractors do have driver drills in their arsenal of power tools!

Impact Drivers

For tough jobs, an impact driver is recommended. This type of power tool will deliver a sudden and strong downward and rotational force. Mechanics rely on impact drivers in order to loosen bigger bolts (screws) and nuts which have been frozen into position by rust or are over-torqued. Impact driver direction may be reversed in order to function as desired in scenarios where screws need to be tightened via torque, more than a screwdriver could tighten them.

Cordless impact drivers are different than powered impact wrenches, so don’t get these two power tools confused. Many people get them mixed up.

Most woodworkers, whether they are amateur or pro, rely on impact drivers in order to take care of woodworking tasks. These electric power tools are very convenient to use, as long as they are cordless, and they feature rotational torque which is a lot higher than typical drills, as well as rotational tapping (not hammer drill capacity) which happens at a very fast pace.

The rotational tapping will nudge a fastener along and keep its screw tip in place at the same time. The screw tip won’t spin out of its slot!

If you plan to do jobs which will require many screws, or jobs which require screws that are long and/or large, you should shop around for a superb impact driver which is cordless. When you do, you’ll access a portable tool which makes your life so much easier. Your impact driver will do so much of the hard work for you.

Must-Have Features For Your Cordless Drill

Some cordless drill features are more important than others. The features that we’re about to discuss are definitely the most important. We consider them to be essential and we recommend purchasing a cordless drill that has all of them. These must-have features for your cordless drill will promote safety, make it easier for you to get great results and prolong the life of your new power tool.

Once you know the most important features, you’ll be ready to shop with confidence. You will probably notice that our cordless drill reviews are centered on cordless drills that DO have these vital features! We reviewed a range of impressive drills with the right stuff.

A Lithium Ion Battery

A good battery contributes to superior run time. This means less charging. When you choose a cordless drill with a lithium ion battery, you’ll access good run time. You’ll be able to work for a long time without needing to charge. The drills that we’ve reviewed in our Buyer’s Guide do have great batteries of the lithium ion type.

A lithium battery is also known as a Li-ion battery. It’s a form of battery which is rechargeable. With this type of battery, lithium ions move from negative electrodes to positive electrodes during the discharge process…and then move back when the batteries are being charged.

These batteries are popular choices for powering up portable devices. You’ll find them in cordless drills and in a host of other things, from smart phones to airplanes and beyond.

Some cordless drill manufacturers have brand-exclusive battery systems which utilize lithium ion batteries. When you choose an electric cordless drill with a top-notch lithium battery system (whether it’s brand-exclusive or not), you’ll find that recharging is a rare occurrence. You’ll be free to work for long sessions without having to worry about battery life.

For this reason, we recommend choosing a new power tool which accepts rechargeable lithium batteries. You’ll find that most high-quality driver drills without cords come with chargers, unless you opt for a design which is a bare tool. With a bare tool, you’ll need to buy the battery and charger yourself.

A Variable Speed Trigger

When you have the power to adjust the speed (RPM; revolutions per minute) of your cordless drill, you’ll be able to customize the speed to your preferred application. You’ll have more possibilities in terms of what you can do with your drill. A lot of cordless drills come with two speed options and we think that choosing a drill that does feature a variable speed trigger is smart.

Why settle for just one speed when you can have more? Your drill’s variable speed trigger will allow you to match the speed of your drill to the task at hand. When exploring drill product options, look for this feature and also check out the speeds which you’ll be able to toggle between, just by using your drill’s trigger, if you do decide to invest in that particular drill.

You’ll usually be able to choose between a high and low speed. As a general rule of thumb, we recommend using a slow speed for bigger drill bits and harder materials. Stick with a fast speed for smaller drill bits and softer materials.

A Brushless Motor

Brushless motors for power tools are very popular these days…with good reason! With a brushless motor, there’s no carbon brushes and no commutators. As well, windings and magnets are reversed. Instead of commutators and brushes, brushless motors are equipped with compact circuit boards which bring energy to components, including windings.

This type of motor will adjust to a specific task. It’s able to auto-adjust because its electronics communicate with windings that are stationery. For this reason, a brushless motor system is a “smart” motor system! Your brushless motor-equipped cordless drill will sense resistance or lack thereof and then take however much charge is required from the battery in order to get the job done.

As well, motors which are brushless tend to offer more power. They are also more durable. When you choose a power drill with a brushless motor, you’ll be selecting a power tool with an efficient and rugged motor.

A Comfortable Grip

We also recommend choosing a cordless power drill which has an ergonomic, rubberized grip. Ergonomic grip design will make it easier to hold the power tool comfortably during even the longest work sessions. A rubberized grip will make it easy to hold onto the tool while you’re using it. Without an ergonomic grip, you may find that you experience muscle fatigue sooner while you’re drilling and driving.

As well, the power tool may slip out of your grasp and this may present a safety risk.

Most best-selling, highly-rated drills do feature ergonomic design and rubberized grips.

Other Useful Features (These Features Are Non-essential)

An LED Work Light

LED lighting is ultra-modern and very safe. An LED light will not get too hot while it’s in operation and it will also be very energy-conscious. When you’re shopping around for a new power drill, you should be aware that choosing a model with a built-in LED light will help you to work effectively. The LED light will provide directed light which is ideal for dimmer work conditions.

Without this feature, which is non-essential but still very useful, you may find that it’s tough to see what you’re doing while you’re working in dimly-lit environments.

Some cordless drills with LED lights have LED light delays. This means that the lights stay on for a while after the power drill triggers are released. This is a nice non-essential feature that you may want to look for. You’ll continue to get a helpful burst of light, for twenty seconds or so, after you release the driver drill’s trigger. This will allow you to finish the task without losing your LED lighting.

A Dual-Gear Mode

Some cordless power drills have only one gear. When you choose a cordless drill with dual-gear mode, you’ll have more options. You’ll be able to switch between two speed ranges. While dual-gear mode isn’t essential, it’s useful as it opens up more possibilities. So, you may want to find a power drill that does have this feature.

When you put your dual-gear mode drill into first gear, you’ll be able to utilize its speed trigger to access speed variations within a particular RPM range. You won’t be able to go higher. Usually, the range for first gear is 0-350 RPM.

In second gear, you’ll be able to utilize the trigger of your drill to vary speed within a range which is typically 0-1200 RPM. You won’t be able to exceed that speed.

Dual-gear mode is added in order to manage the tool’s power, by breaking it up into chunks. It prevents excess speed and torque. If you plan to work with an assortment of screw sizes and materials, you’ll appreciate this feature.

A drill with dual-gear mode will give you the capacity to do more types of tasks. You’ll have the ability to fine-tune the quantity of power which is delivered. This will reduce the risk of damaged work surfaces or screws.

Multiple Torque Settings

Now, let’s talk torque. Most power drills include a range of setting options for their clutches. When you adjust the clutch setting, you’ll be adjusting the level of torque. When the clutch setting number that you select is higher, torque which is delivered will also be higher. Higher torque is recommended for bigger fasteners.

A lower level of torque will be fine for smaller fasteners. Once you use your new power drill for a while, you’ll figure out which level of resistance is happening during a task and you’ll be able to adjust the torque accordingly. If resistance gets too high, your clutch will disengage from the motor.

Reverse Motion

Most drills which are cordless do have reverse capability. The reverse function turns the bit or drill in a backwards direction. In other words, you can run your drill or bit forwards or backwards. It’s easy to alternate, just by using the switch on the drill which adjusts direction.

You should never adjust direction while the drill is in operation. The drill shouldn’t be turning while you change its direction. Wait until it stops turning before adjusting this setting. We recommend the reverse setting when you want to remove screws from pieces of wood.

It’s also good to use reverse when a drill bit is jammed and the process of pulling it out may trigger damage. With reverse, you’ll be able to get it out without the damage.

A Battery Gauge

A battery gauge will show you how much battery power you have to work with. You’ll know exactly when a new charge is needed. This non-essential feature is useful. It’s always nice to know just how “charged” a power drill is. While it’s possible to get by without this feature, we think that it’s a nice feature to have. A lot of power drills do include battery gauges, so it shouldn’t be hard to find a good electric drill which has this practical perk. We reviewed some impressive cordless drills which are equipped with battery gauges.

A Built-In Level

A built-in level is a handy feature. It’s not essential, but it may make your life easier as you do contracting jobs or home improvements. When you choose a model with a built-in level, you’ll be able to see if your work is level without needing to reach for a level tool. Your level will be a part of your power drill. You’ll find that your built-in level boosts efficiency, as you won’t need to stop and use a separate level tool when you want to check your work.

When you choose a power drill with this feature, it’ll be easier to install and drill fasteners accurately.

A Built-In Belt Clip

Most cordless power drills on the market include built-in belt clips, so it’s very easy to attach these power tools to tool belts. Some come with detachable belt clips, which you may use or skip using. Sometimes, there are built-in belt clips on both sides of the drill, in order to help people, whether they are left-handed or right-handed. If you are left-handed, you may want to check and see where a built-in belt clips is located on a power drill before you decide whether or not to buy it.

Mounted Bit Holders

If you want to keep your bits close by while you use your power drill, you should think about buying a cordless electric drill which features mounted bit holders. Usually, these bit holders are magnetic. This means that your bits will stick to your drill while you’re working.

You’ll find that changing bits is a fast process, as you’ll be able to grab the new one from the side of your drill and then stick the old one to the side of your drill once you’ve changed bits. This is a convenient feature, although it isn’t an essential one. It’s a non-essential feature which isn’t too hard to find. If you want this feature, you should have little trouble finding a great power drill that has it!

Other Important Considerations

Now, we’d like to talk about some other important considerations that you should take into account when you’re comparison-shopping for the right cordless electric power drill.

Drill Design And Weight

Some drills have better design than others. We recommend ergonomic design which includes all of the essential features that we already discussed, in addition to your preferred non-essential features. As well as design which makes your drill very easy to hold, even for long work sessions, we recommend a lightweight drill, unless you need something really heavy-duty.

Usually, drills that are capable of blasting through metal and concrete weigh a bit more. Drill weights range from under two pounds up to ten pounds. Some styles may be even heavier. Think about weight, as it will impact how easy or hard it is to hold the power drill while you’re using it.

Comfort And Balance

It’s smart to read customer reviews in order to see just how comfortable certain power drills are. We reviewed some very comfortable styles today! In general, best-selling models, such as the power drills that we looked at today, offer superb comfort and balance. They are designed with the comfort of the end-user in mind.

Power Ranges From 6-volts to 36-volts – How Much Power Do You Need?

If you want light-duty performance, cordless screwdrivers with four to eight volts will be great. If you want to do heavy-duty jobs, we think that choosing a power drill with twelve to eighteen volts will be a wise decision. High-powered models are able to handle harder jobs. However, when voltage is higher, the battery weighs more and this impacts the overall weight of the power drill.

Chuck Size – What Size Bits You’ll Be Using

Chucks are slots where drill bits go in. Your chuck size is going to limit the size of bit that you may utilize. Most power drills comes with chuck sizes which are one-quarter inch, three-eighths of an inch and half an inch. In general, homeowners or other amateurs do well with three-eighths of an inch. Chucks may be keyless or keyed.

Contractors should invest in cordless power drills which have half-inch chucks. It’s the biggest size for most cordless designs. Quarter-inch chucks are best for lighter jobs and they will accept bits with hex-shaped shafts (they won’t accept anything else).

A Keyless Or Keyed Chuck?

Keyless chucks do offer a lot of advantages. When your three-pronged clamp for bits (your chuck, in other words!) is keyless, you won’t need to worry about needing to use a key when you want to make changes. As well, keyless chucks tend to be safer, as there is no risk of an injury due to forgetting to remove a key before you start using a cordless power drill. However, there are people who may do better with keyed chucks.

Keyless styles are best for home handy persons. The keyed chucks are better for pros who are doing machine shop tasks. Why? Well, the keyed styles tend to provide a tighter grip on bits.

Clutch And Clutch Settings

Drill/drivers generally do have clutches. These clutches are also known as torque controls. They are collars which are adjustable and you’ll find them right behind the chucks on cordless power drills. Some power drills come with clutch settings. They are numbers which are located upon the slip clutch and these number signify the quantity of twisting power (torque) which is produced. The higher a number is, the higher the amount of torque.

If you want the capacity to adjust torque, you should go for a cordless power drill with clutch settings. You shouldn’t have to work very hard to find one. In terms of finding a style that has a clutch, don’t worry. 99 percent of them are going to have clutches, so it’ll be hard to find one that doesn’t have this feature.

Does It Come With A Carrying Case?

It’s always nice to get a carrying case with a new cordless power drill, rather than needing to buy a carrying case separately. Luckily, most power drill manufacturers do provide cases for their power drills which are included with purchase. There are soft and hard cases.

The harder types obviously offer a much higher level of protection, so we prefer them for this reason. A soft case may be convenient, but it’s possible that a power drill may get damaged while it’s stored in a soft case. The odds of a power drill getting damaged within a hard case are very low.

Usually, you’ll get a drill, a charger and a carrying case when you order. This is a cordless power drill kit and you’ll find that there are many such kits to choose from. Some may include other extras, such as drill bits. Every brand is different. If you don’t want the carry case and extras, you may want to consider buying a bare tool power drill. You’ll need to buy the charger and battery yourself and a carry case probably won’t be included with purchase. There are power drill options out there for everyone.

What To Look For In A Quality Charger?

A charger that works fast is going to be a godsend. Charging portable devices is a fact of life and we all do it frequently. We’d all like to do it less! Some cordless power drills that we reviewed today will charge completely in as little as thirty minutes. Makita power drills have very sophisticated battery systems which are known to charge rapidly. However, Makita isn’t the only company which provides fast chargers for cordless electric drills. In most cases, a full charge will take between thirty minutes and sixty minutes. Thirty minutes is a very rapid charge. Most power drill styles will usually take an hour to charge.

When you’re shopping around, look at the features of the charger that is included with your power drill kit. Does it feature a great safety system, such as overcharge prevention? If it doesn’t, you may want to keep looking around. We do recommend choosing a battery charger for your electric drill which does offer overcharge prevention. It will eliminate the risk of overcharge-related damage to your batteries and power drill.

Also, does the charger charge only one voltage of batteries, or more? If you want versatility, look for a charger that handles batteries of different voltages. You may be fine with a one-voltage charger. Everyone is different. Just be aware that you’ll have choices and choose what’s right for you.

Cordless Drill Safety Features

Safety should be priority one when you’re using power tools. The most impressive electric cordless drills have excellent safety features. These features are extremely important. They are there to protect you. Now, we’d like to talk about some safety features that you may want to look for. Safety features will vary from cordless power drill to cordless power drill. The more safety features you can find, the better!

Automatic Spindle Lock

We really like this particular safety feature. Most people like it also, so it’s quite common on power drills. When you choose an electric cordless drill with an automatic spindle lock, you may select the spindle lock. When you do select it, the screwdriver and chuck (or the drill bit) won’t turn.

These days, the majority of cordless electric drills come with automatic spindle locks. With this automatic safety feature, chucks and bits will lock automatically when the trigger for speed control is depressed.

There are power drills which have manual spindle locks. It’s pretty easy to use them, although we think that the automatic spindle locks are safer and more convenient. To use a manual spindle lock, slide the reverse/forward switch into a central position. This should lock the drill. Bear in mind that manual setups for automatic spindle locks may vary from model to model. To find out exactly what you should do, read you’r Owner’s Manual carefully.

Automatic Break

With this power drill safety feature, the drill/driver bit and chuck won’t move when you release the power drill trigger. We like this feature and recommend finding an electric drill that has it. Drills which don’t have this safety feature will allow bits to continue rotating when triggers are released, and this is a safety hazard.

Accessories And Attachments

You’ll probably get some accessories with your purchase, such as a charger for your power drill battery, a hard or soft carrying case and a battery. Kits vary, but most include these basic elements. Of course, these kits also include cordless power drills! However, there are may be optional accessories that you are able to purchase separately. If you want to get more from using your new cordless electric drill, learning about these accessories and deciding whether or not they are right for you will be smart. With this in mind, let’s talk about accessories and attachments which may be worth the money.

Which Ones Are Worth Considering?

If you purchase a bare tool power drill, you’ll need to invest in a compatible battery and battery charger before you can use your new electric drill, unless you already own a compatible battery and battery charger. Sometimes, contractors and DIY’ers do have the right batteries and battery chargers already and this is why people buy bare tools in the first place. If you do need to buy a battery and a battery charger, you should read your Owner’s Manual carefully. You will need to know which styles of batteries and battery chargers are compatible. You’ll find that it’s easy to order the right products online or at community-based retailers, such as hardware stores.

A Good Case Can be Real Handy

You may also want to buy a carrying case, if one wasn’t included in your purchase. As we mentioned earlier, we think that hard cases provide the best protection. However, any case that you purchase, whether it’s made from tough plastic, as hard cases are, or crafted some softer fabric, such as nylon or canvas, will need to fit your drill and any accessories that came with it.

With a soft case, fit won’t be such an issue. There won’t be specific compartments for the drill and accessories. With a hard case, fit is something that you should pay close attention to. Most hard case product descriptions will feature specific information about the dimensions of the compartments, as well as the overall dimensions of the hard case. Look at these before you buy in order to find a hard, highly-protective carrying case for your power drill.

A Good Drill Bit Kit Will Cater to All Your Drilling Needs

Another popular accessory for a power drill is a drill bit kit. It’s actually possible to buy combo packs which include one drill and a large drill bit kit. Some of these kits include an impact driver, too, and we reviewed one of these kits for you today. However, you’ll also have the option of buying a drill bit kit separately. Some have as many as seventy drill bits. Others have less. Scale your purchase to the applications that you plan to do with your electric cordless power drill.

The Right Attachment can Save You Time and Money

In terms of attachments, some drills accept more things than others. Some may accept only hex-shaped bits, while others will accept a host of things, including concrete abrasive removal hand tools, lumberjack tools (for building log furniture), universal adapters for use with recip-style saws and attachments, etc.

Before you invest in a new cordless power drill, you’ll be smart to see which attachments and accessories are compatible with that specific model. If you want the capability that a particular accessory of attachment provides, it’ll be good to know that a power drill that you’re interested in has it! If you buy it and then look for attachments and accessories later, only to find that they won’t work with your power drill, you’ll be out of luck.

Choose a New Cordless Drill Today

We’ve taken care to share all of the hard facts about cordless drills in today’s market. We’ve covered all of the bases because we want you to find a new cordless electric drill which is perfect for your needs and your budget.

We’ve talked about what these power tools are, how they are used, which models offer the most bang for the buck, which types of power drills are available without cords and shared a lot of other important information. By giving you a deeper understanding of these electric drills, which are the most popular power tools for homeowners and contractors, we’ve armed you with knowledge.

Now, you’re ready to start shopping for the best cordless drill for you. We recommend choosing one of the drills that we’ve talked about today. We looked at so many and we find that our top picks offer the most value for the money.

You’ll be pretty safe choosing any of them. We reviewed models at different price points, some of which are ideal for homeowners, or contractors, or both, so you will be able to find the right drill for your needs.

You may find that you’re able to save a lot of money by shopping online. Most DIY’ers and contractors prefer to buy online, as many websites offer exceptional, money-saving deals. However, most cordless power drills from trusted manufacturers are also available at your local hardware store.

We would like to thank you for reading through our guide. Above all else, we want you to make a great buying decision and find the best cordless drill that will provide you years of enjoyable use.

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